3) The Ticket to Chicago

A few weeks ago, a girl friend insisted that I take Friday off to go out on the lake with her. Her company was shooting a commercial and needed extra people for it. I asked Dan to come with me, but he had made plans to go on a bike ride with friends.

Friday comes, and Dan leaves early in the morning. I get my suit and towel ready, head to work and a few hours later get paged to the front office. I was shocked to see my girl friend standing there with a HUGE smile on her face. There had been a change in plans, she tells me. I needed to go home, pack and bag and get to the airport.

Everything was happening so fast and to make things more confusing my friend had been instructed by Dan not to answer any questions. Once at home I find a note and a ticket in my suitcase. The ticket is to Chicago and the note has suggestions of what type of clothing to bring for our weekend and a phone number to call once I got to Chicago. He signed it, see you later, love me.

My stomach starting flipping and tears pooled in my eyes. How he had pulled something like this whatever this was off left me flabbergasted. To make matters more gut wrenching, I arrive at the airport to see my flight has been delayed an hour!

When I finally arrive in Chicago I call the number as instructed and minutes later am picked up by a limo. The driver was just as helpful as my girl friend. He too had been instructed by Dan not to answer any of my questions. Without any guidance to this wild goose chase my mind begins to form its own story. I imagined a number of scenarios, none of which could have topped what was about to happen next.

The limo stops downtown Chicago. The driver pulls all of my bags out and points me to Buckingham Fountain. He tells me, youll know what to do next. A gather my luggage and hull it around the famous Chicago landmark to find Dan walking up a staircase looking extremely sexy. He hugs me and kisses me and tells me that he couldnt do this anywhere else but in the city we met and helped formed our relationship.

He drops to one knee and asks me to marry him. After all our years together and the number of ways I imagined him proposing to me I was so nervous I could barely get out of course Ill marry you.

He tells me we have to hurry because were already late for our dinner reservation. We rush to a hotel, change as fast as we can and walk into a restaurant to find my entire family and my closest friends waiting to congratulate us. I completely fell apart and couldnt have been happier. Dan pulled off the biggest surprise of my life and I cant wait to see what happens next.


Proposal Story By:

Nichole Viloria

Phoenix, AZ


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