3) The Story of Princess Emily


The story begins when I was in Seattle for business (we both live in San Francisco) and had planed to stay the weekend to visit friends and plan our annual 4th of July trip to Lake Tahoe. On Saturday at 4:00pm, in the middle of our planning, the doorbell rang and a limo driver entered the living room asking for “Princess Emily.” I look around the room at my twenty friends and they were just as surprised. The limo driver then handed me a white box, covered in white wrapping with a big red bow on top with a card that read, “Princess Emily, would you please be so kind as to put on these royal garments and accompany my chariot driver?”

I was shaking with excitement as I opened the box to find my favorite black dress, heels, jewelry, purse and a tiara packed for me. I changed and went out to the limo with all of my friends waving me off with big smiles. I expected to see my prince charming when I entered the limo but instead I found a dozen red roses, a bottle of wine and two love letters (one telling me to make myself comfortable and the other was all the things Danny loved about me).

The limo driver took me into downtown Seattle (since I was so excited it felt like the longest car ride of my life!) and began to go up on Queen Anne Hill. The limo turned and drove a few blocks and as I looked anxiously out the window I saw Danny, dressed in a full suit and tie, waving from the top of a children’s play structure where he had created a “castle”.

When the limo pulled up, Danny gallantly made his way down the ladders and the slide to greet me with an “embrace to end all embraces” and a big kiss. He escorted me up to our castle and as soon as I sat down I saw the most incredible view that I almost lost my breath. He had picked a spot with an amazing view of downtown Seattle. God had blessed us with a cloudless day and a stunning sunset so you could easily see the skyline and Mt. Rainer in the background.

Danny then handed me another wrapped white box with a big red bow and inside was a beautiful book. He took it in his hands, opened the cover and began to read!
…”Once upon a time, Princess Emily was born. She had red hair, blue eyes …” Danny had written the most amazing fairytale about my life, starting with me as a young child and following it through with how God brought Prince Danny into my life. The story climaxed at the present moment where Prince Danny gets on one knee and humbly asks for Princess Emily’s hand in marriage. (At this point in the story, he actually got one one knee and proposed to me, pulling out the most amazing diamond ring I’d ever seen!)

My heart was pounding and I had tears in my eyes as I said YES! After taking a hundred pictures with the skyline and the sunset in the background we hopped back in the limo and headed to dinner at Candlis, one of the nicest restaurants in Seattle, which overlooks the city and the Bay. We entered the restaurant and the hostess greeted me by saying, “Princess Emily, we’ve been awaiting your arrival,” and escorted us to our own private room where Danny had made our dinner reservations. In the room, our favorite George Winston CD was playing and I found another card (Danny had visited the restaurant earlier and dropped off special CD’s and a card and had instructed everyone to call me by my “special name”. I think the tiara I was wearing helped them remember!) We received the royal treatment at dinner and took a few moments to call both our families to share with them the exciting news.

After dinner, we walked along hand in hand across a beautiful bridge to our friend Mike’s apartment (Mike was Danny’s local aide in planning) where he and Danny had planned a surprise engagement party with all of our Seattle friends. There we received our first two wedding gifts, a commemorative plate with a picture of the Seattle skyline and a wedding magazine (so I could start planning on the plane ride home).

While we love San Francisco, Seattle will always hold a special place in our hearts. And so, Prince Danny and Princes Emily are now living happily ever after!

p.s. Following the proposal our friend Mike illustrated the Story Of Princess Emily for us, which we printed and gave out to the guests at our wedding in August.

Emily Kapic,
San Francisco, CA

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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