3) The Sore Proposal

The man who is now my husband is not a romantic and his proposal will show that, but, to me, it was a great proposal. My husband and I had started seeing each other in October 1998, but it was not on a serious level. By November, we were dating seriously and we knew that we were going to marry each other. It definitely was a whirlwind romance.

Well, our first real date was to a medieval theme park called the “Renaissance Festival”. To me, it is a very romantic place because of the time and the period costumes. My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves and said we would go back every year on the anniversary of when we met.

Flash forward a year later. By this time, my husband and I had already started discussing our wedding plans, what I would wear, where it would be, when it would be, and who was going to be in the wedding party. We had even already picked out my ring and was having it custom made. There was no doubt now that we would get married. I had not received my ring yet, but I assumed it was because he was still paying for it. I never thought that he would actually propose. I assumed that because we had already started to make plans, that he was just going to give me the ring with no pomp and circumstance.

Well, on October 16th 1999, the date we had first met, we decided to go to the Renaissance Festival as planned. My husband had invited his sister and her husband, plus he had called my best friend and asked him to come also. We all met at the front gate when the park opened, which was pretty early, like 9am. There are several things to do there, like joust, have a sword fight, ride huge swings and so-on, but what you mostly do is walk. It was pretty warm and humid that day, so we were trying to take things slowly, but you can only walk around for so long before you get exhausted. Well, after about 8 or 9 hours of walking and seeing everything, we were all getting pretty tired and ready to go home. So we started heading to the front gate to leave.

Then my husband decided to stop at the vine covered church they have and sit down. We were in there for about 5 minutes, then he said he wanted to go. Okay, let’s go, I thought. We continued walking when he asked me to follow him into the rose garden, which has every color of rose imaginable, is beautiful, and romantic. We sat down on a bench and started to talk about our upcoming nuptials, which wasn’t unusual for us. His sister and her husband, and my best friend had wandered off, or so I thought. My husband was unusally nervous, which is not like him, but I assumed it was because he was tired, hot, and sore from walking all day. Well, after about ten minutes he said he wanted to go finally. So, I stood up next to him and waited, looking around at everything. Next thing I know I feel a tap on my leg, I look down and see the ring that we had designed and I burst into tears. I had no idea that he was going to do this! Then he looks at me at asks me, “So, will ya’?”

Between crying and laughing, I of course said yes. He then asked me to tell my parents that he had gotten down on one knee when he asked. Still laughing I asked why. Well, the night before he had told me that he was working late, when actually he was at my parents house asking them for my hand in marriage. When they said yes, my mom said that he had to get down on one knee and do it, and she wanted pictures of it. Needless to say, he wanted to get down on one knee, but because he was so sore from walking all day, he couldn’t. So he figured the next best thing would be for him to be sitting when he asked, while I was standing up. And because he is not a romantic, he couldn’t bring himself to actually ask, “Will you marry me?" So, again, he did the next best thing by asking, “So will ya’?”

Even though it wasn’t the most romantic proposal that people hear or read about, I did think it was a pretty funny and endearing one. If everyone knew my husband, then they would understand. Anyway, during the proposal, my sister-in-law, her husband, and my best friend were all hiding and watching everything. They even took pictures without me knowing. Even several people at the festival saw what went on and took pictures. So many came up and congratulated me on my engagement, even people I didn’t know. And now I have pictures of my husband proposing to me that I can look at and think back on and laugh at the wonderful day that I had. Even though my husband is not a mushy guy, he is a great man, with the best intentions in his mind and in his heart. I truly got a one-of-a-kind guy in my husband. And I know that we will be together for the rest of our lives!

Guinnevere Ebbeson,
Frisco, TX


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