3) The Man God Wanted Me to Marry

As soon as my boyfriend, Scott, and I started dating, I knew he was a special guy, and I hoped that he was the man God wanted me to marry. After dating for a year, Scott asked me if I would consider looking at rings with him in July. I was so excited! We visited several ring stores, and I picked out the ring style that I liked the best. He told me he could not propose for awhile; he just wanted to get an idea of what I liked. I did not expect to receive a ring for at least another six months.

In August, Scott asked me if I wanted to go with him and his parents to Gulf Shores, AL and stay in a condo on the beach for a few days. I was excited to end my summer with a trip to the beach. Upon Scott asking me if I wanted to go to the beach with him and his family, I began to become a little suspicious. This would be the perfect place for him to propose to me. I wondered if he would ask me on our vacation. I then told my parents that I thought Scott would ask their permission to marry me right before our trip. I thought I had it all figured out.

The day before we left for our trip, my dad approached me: Amilee, he said, "I know that you are expecting Scott to propose to you while you are in Gulf Shores, but I dont think its going to happen." "Why not?" I asked. "Well, I dont want you to be upset, but Scott has not asked for my permission, and I thought I should tell you so you would not be too disappointed." "It takes time to save up for rings", he continued, "just give it a few more months and see what happens." I was thankful that my Dad talked to me before I left, but I was not all that disappointed. After all, Scott told me it would be awhile before he could buy me the ring. I should not have expected for him to propose to me a month after we looked at the rings.

On August 19, we began the long drive to Alabama. We awoke the next day in a beautiful condo, where the weather was perfect. Scott and I spent all day on the beach, and he told me he wanted to take me to a restaurant that evening- just the two of us. The restaurant that he chose was a very unusual choice for him to pick: this restaurant was expensive and exquisite. We enjoyed our seafood dinner, and then headed to the beach to watch the sunset.

Scott brought a chair and his Bible with him as we found a place to sit on the beach. I sat in his lap, and he opened the Bible to 1 Corinthians 13- "the love chapter." Scott and I had never said "I love you" to each other because we wanted to wait until we were engaged to say it, so it was unusual for him to read the chapter about love. After he finished reading, we prayed together, thanking God for our relationship and asking Him to keep it pure and holy. Then, Scott asked me to close my eyes. He got out of the chair and bent down on both knees. He told me all of the reasons why he loved me and then asked me to marry him. I have never smiled bigger than that night. I immediately said yes, and he took a princess cut ring out of his pocket and placed it on my finger.

After Scott proposed to me, it began to thunder, so we headed back to the condo to share the news with his parents and grandmother. On our way back, I was still a little confused. I knew Scott would not have asked me to marry him without my parents’ permission; so, I asked him about it. He told me he asked my dad a week before we left for Alabama, and my dad just told me otherwise to surprise me. Because my dad never lies, I was shocked; but this time, I was glad he had lied.

When we reached the condo, Scott’s parents had a cake waiting for us. We celebrated with them and took tons of pictures. Then we made phone calls to our friends and family. I made sure to give my dad a hard time for lying to me. I called ten girls to ask them to be bridesmaids in our wedding, and Scott called ten guys to be groomsmen. August 20th is a day we will never forget; I finally got my dream proposal from my dream guy!



Proposal Story By:

Amilee Sanders

Fort Smith, AR


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