3) The Great Freeze

A few weeks ago, my-then boyfriend and I learned about an event that The Atlanta Workshop Players (AWP) was planning to promote and celebrate the performing arts. The event called, The Great Freeze, would take place in the heart of downtown Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park and would feature 100 people actively enjoying a day in the park when everyone suddenly freezes in place at the same time for 10 minutes. We’re both big supporters of the performing arts and were excited about such a unique experience, so we decided to get involved.

Since freezing in place and holding a pose for 10 minutes can be a bit difficult, everyone was encouraged to practice ahead of time. So we did and decided on our pose (holding hands, crossing a pathway towards the fountain- I am putting on chapstick, he turns to look at me and then we freeze). We were all set to go and very excited on the day of the freeze.

When we arrived at the park, we were amazed by how many people were there. As our cue came to get ready to freeze, we started walking across the pathway towards the fountain as planned. However, at the very last second he got on his knee, opened the ring box, and froze.

This was a complete surprise to me and needless to say I was completely SHOCKED. Since I too was frozen in place, all I could do was look at him smiling mischievously at me holding the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen. It was the longest, most exciting 10 minutes of my life.

People started gathering around and before I knew it we had cameras all around us – capturing our moment. After 10 minutes, the plan is that everyone unfreezes and goes right back to what they were doing. When we finally got our cue to unfreeze and start moving again, he asked me to marry him. It was such a tremendous moment and as I said yes to his proposal (through tears, smiles, laughter, and hugs), I knew that I was going to marry the most creative, amazing man imaginable. He’s proof that fairytales are real and so are happy endings.

Proposal Story by:

Christine Schmidt

Atlanta, GA


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