3) Suddenly Suspicious

Our relationship, which was perfect, suddenly seemed to be falling apart. My daily predictable behavior was suddenly suspicious. Id get out of work at 3pm, finish jogging by 4pm and finish dinner right when Grace got home at 6pm. You could set a clock by it. The problem was I was now getting home at 6pm with bad explanations. Also, I was assigned to a not so dangerous unit within the NYPD, which made her feel at ease. I told Grace I needed a change, narcotics unit maybe. This was devastating news. The dangerous new assignment at work and suspicious behavior made her wonder if I had a new love interest.

A vacation was planned to help relax her worries. This would be my first trip to our native land Puerto Rico and she was excited to teach me about our heritage and culture. We would tour the island and stay in different towns every other day. Maybe that’s what our relationship needed. Now, before our trip I tell Grace I’ve been accepted to narcotics and they’re sending me to Albany for a weekend of training. This was horrific news, especially one week before our trip. When I left for Albany I told her the location is disclosed and no phone calls were allowed. Hmm.

Two days before going to Puerto Rico, her father tells her a story about how 30 years ago he buried a coin collection in his home town near a beach where he confessed his true love for her mom. Since we were going down on vacation and passing through that town dad asked if we could please bring the coins back. Dad gave her an old hand drawn map.

One of our planned stops was to a rainforest called El Junque. I brought a harness, rope and survival gear just in case. Stupid idea she said. During the vacation Grace decided there wasn’t enough time to do the rainforest and I was ticked off. The next day we arrive at the beach in her fathers home town and she breaks out the map. The map specified that from the beach you can see a cave across the coast line. She sees the cave; however, its at the bottom of a 150 foot steep cliff with no access from the water side because of the crashing waves. Sorry Dad, you’re not getting your coins. I told her she couldn’t let her father down. Besides, we had the harness, rope, and she cheated me out of my rainforest excursion. Guilt set in and boy was she angry! We started our descent Hungry, tired, and scared and she let me have it all the way down. However, one hour later after scaling down the cliff and pushing our way through thick brush, she became very excited. We were on an adventure and she loved it. Finally, we arrived at the cave. We had a picturesque view of the beach in the distance with the sun setting over the Caribbean Ocean, waves crashing near the cave and in the distance was a view of where her father confessed his love for Mom. In the cave she started digging and hit something hard. It was a chest, a treasure chest. Ahh, the coins.

Grace felt a deep connection to her father as she unearths the chest. Upon opening the chest she sees a small box inside next to a bottle of champagne, two champagne flutes, and a candle. Totally confused she opens the smaller box and reads a small note… Grace, we came all this way so I can ask for your hand in marriage in a special way So will you please allow me to be your husband? Will you marry me? Jason. The engagement ring was under the note. With me on one knee trembling all over and her tears everywhere I explained how I came down a week before to bury the ring, I wasn’t in Albany, I’m not going to narcotics and my change of predictable behavior was me diamond shopping and planning the engagement down to the last detail with all her family and friends. Her nightmare was over. Total bliss overwhelmed her and with a sudden gust of laughter she said yes!

Grace couldn’t wait to get home. On our return I took her to our favorite jazz lounge where there was another surprise waiting. I rented the place out and all her friends that helped me were inside waiting to celebrate her engagement!


Proposal Story By:

Jason Vazquez

New Windsor, NY


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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