3) Spending too Much Time in the Bathroom

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I knew from the start that Don wasn’t the most romantic of guys, he’d even told me so. Still, I never imagined he would propose to me in a bathroom!
We’d been talking about marriage for some time and had been looking at rings. Though he hadn’t told me, Don was just waiting for his tax refund before purchasing the set that had caught my eye. I found this out from his sister, who also happened to be my best friend. I knew when the check came even before he did.
I spent the day getting ready; deciding on what to wear, and on how I would say yes. In between practicing my acceptance speech I fantasized about how he would do the actual proposal. Would he get down on one knee? And where? An elegant restaurant perhaps? Or maybe after a drive we would park under the stars and he would pull me into his arms?
I decided that a restaurant would be the better way to go. That way I could keep a napkin or a book of matches for a souvenir of the event. (I was very big into keepsakes at the time).
When he came to pick me up I was a bit put off by his attire, which consisted of a stained T-shirt, overalls, and work boots. He apologized and said he’d been delayed at a job and thought he’d pick me up on his way through. After a quick stop for a shower and some clean clothes, we’d go out. An unexpected delay, but I could wait. I was a patient person.
An eternity seemed to have passed by the time we reached his house. He opened the door standing aside to let me in first when his sister was upon us. "Did he ask you…"
I never got to answer her because Don grabbed my arm and pulled me into the nearest room that had a door with a lock. It happened to be the bathroom. He sat me down on the toilet (after putting the seat down) and kneeled down in front of me.
Rubbing his forehead (an action I would come to recognize only to well in the years that followed), he said he’d wanted the night to be perfect for me. Sighing he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. Snapping it open he drew me down onto his lap. "I love you." was all he said.
All the things I’d breathlessly rehearsed saying came out as a croaked "yes". As he slipped the ring on my finger I started crying. Luckily there were plenty of tissues handy, none of which crossed my mind to keep.
We recently celebrated our twenty-third anniversary, and while I have no mementos of the day Don proposed to me, I have no worry that I will ever forget it!

Cindy Robert,
Kissimmee, FL

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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