3) She Asked for a Band-Aid…

On May 5th 2001 I proposed to my fiancé.
It took months for me to find the perfect ring once and once I had
it I began to plan my perfect surprise day. I had told her I had
a surprise planned for her on the 5 and that she needed to be ready
by 9:00 AM. We went out the week before and I bought her a new outfit
for the day so she didn’t under or over dress. At 9:00 Jimmy the
limo driver showed up to take us from her home here in MD to her
favorite place… NY City. She was speechless when she saw the limo
and I couldn’t contain myself I had to tell my general plans for
the day.

After arriving in NY we had some time on our hands
before my plans started so we took in the art at the Met. Next we
walked across central park to our dinner reservation on Tavern on
the Green. On the way over Laura had become suspicious and started
searching my pockets for a ring which I had hidden in my jacket.
Between dinner and desert she had asked me to get her a band aid
so when she thought I got up to ask for one I quickly got down on
one knee and proposed with an impromptu "Baby will you marry
me?" Applause was earned from the other patrons in the restaurant
and we were regaled by proposal stories and congratulations from
the surrounding women. To end the night I had tickets to see Beauty
and the Beast at the Lunt Fontainne Theatre. We then took our first
trip home as an engaged couple.

Thomas Bethke Jr,

Joppa, MD


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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