3) Roses and Poems

Brandon and I have been dating for four years. Currently we are in different states, 7 hours away because of school.

On November 22nd, 2004, I was home for Thanksgiving break and Brandon had scheduled a romantic date for us. My instructions were to be dressed nicely and at his house promptly at 4:00pm, but when I got there he was not home. Instead there was a long-stemmed red rose and an envelope. In the envelope was a color photo of us and a love poem in my Grandmother’s calligraphy handwriting. The poem told me how much he loved me and that there were four other red roses and poems waiting for me to find. It said that when I found the fifth rose all my dreams would come true, collect all five and win!!!

The first poem sent me across town to Mr. Formal, a tuxedo shop where I had previously worked for 2 years. There I found the second red rose and poem. The photo of us was different, but the poem was almost the same. This time it led me to my parent’s house, an hour north of Brandon’s house. The poem said that the third red rose would find me.

As I drove home that hour I called everyone I could think of and no one could tell me anything. Some of my family was in on the surprise, but most of my friends hadn’t known that he was planning this and were excited to join in the suspense.

As I reached my parents I saw a beautiful white stretch limo in the driveway. I couldn’t believe it, I hadn’t known what to expect, but this was amazing. He had thought of everything to make this night so perfect. Rob, the limo driver gave me the third red rose, and away we went.

My hometown is famous for a very large Fourth of July Rodeo. My family has been involved with the rodeo for as long as I can remember, and Brandon has come to love the tradition. During the school year the high school football team holds plants grass and plays their games in the rodeo arena. When we arrived at the rodeo grounds, Rob rolled out the red carpet and I saw my little brother with the fourth rose and poem. Brandon’s best friend Jeff was also there videotaping the final moments.

The arena was dark, but the moon was full and bright. When the gates to the arena were opened all I could see was an aisle lined with tea candles. Jeff guided me down the aisle where I met Brandon at the fifty-yard-line. He was dressed in a tuxedo and donned a straw cowboy hat. I was breathless, and began to cry. He told me that he loved me so much, pulled a ring box out of his pocket, and got down on one knee. I accepted his amazing offer, and we have set a wedding date of June 24th, 2006. Knowing all the trouble he went to just to ask me to marry him, makes me so excited to spend the rest of my life with this incredible man.


Proposal Story By:

Beth Wolf

Albion, WA


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