3) On The Beach at Night

My girlfriend Lisa and I were dating long-distance
while I worked in Ohio and she finished grad school in Georgia.
We had discussed the possibility of getting engaged a year later
after she completed school; she had even told me that her "dream
proposal" would be on the beach at night. I decided to jump the
gun a little bit and surprise her. I was renting a two-bedroom
duplex in Northeast Ohio, and I happened to have an extra upstairs
bedroom. A couple of weeks before Lisa’s visit in March, I began
to redecorate this room.

I covered all four walls and the ceiling with
black plastic. I then found some fluorescent paint and painted
palm trees, the ocean and the moon all the way around the room
– 360 degrees around. On the ceiling and at the top of each wall
I placed glow-in-the-dark star stickers. I then carted ten 100-pound
bags of sand upstairs and spread 1,000 pounds of sand all over
the room. I replaced the light bulbs with blacklights. I got two
beach chairs, a CD player with ocean sounds and James Ingram and
John Tesh’s "Forever I Do" song, and a large Coke bottle that I
had gotten in Mexico.

Two weeks later, when Lisa came to visit, she
stayed at a friend’s, and when she came over, I didn’t allow her
in the spare bedroom, and wouldn’t tell her why. On the big night,
I simply told her that I wanted to take her out on a date, and
so I took her to Outback. After dinner, we came back to my apartment,
where I watched a movie with her that I had picked out called "Heart
and Souls." At the end of the movie, she asked me if I was okay,
because I was sweating and my heart was racing and I seemed really

I asked her if I could go upstairs to the bathroom
for a minute. I went up (flushed the toilet for effect) and prepared
the bedroom and grabbed a little book that I had prepared. I went
downstairs and began to read her a "modern day fairy tale" about
a genie who appeared to a guy in Ohio and gave him three wishes.
He wanted to use the wishes to demonstrate to the girl of his dreams
just how much he loved her. The first wish, according to the fairy
tale, was to take her to dinner and a movie, but afterward he felt
that she still didn’t realize just how much he loved her. So his
second wish was to dance together under the stars to a beautiful
song. At that point I took her upstairs into the room and we danced
to "Forever I Do" under the glow-in-the-dark stars (she could feel
the sand under her feet!). After that, I relayed to her that he
still didn’t think she understood just how much he loved her, and
so his third wish was sit on the beach together in the moonlight
in Northeast Ohio. At that point I turned on the blacklight, and
the room came aglow with the fluorescent palm trees, ocean and
moon under the stars, with the sounds of the ocean. We sat together
in our beach chairs, talking, and she mentioned what a nut I was.
After a while, I told her the end of the story, which was that
the wishes were up, and the genie was gone, and that the guy still
didn’t think she fully understood just how much he loved her –
and that then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a bottle that
had washed onto shore with a note in it. I directed her to the
bottle on the other side of the room, which she went over and got.
Inside was a note that said, "Let me make this one suggestion ‘have
some guts and pop the question."

Her mouth fell open when I read that to her,
and I reached under my beach chair, grabbed the ring and got on
my knee and asked her to marry me. She was crying, but through
her tears managed to say "Yes!" We embraced, and after a while
we finally left the beach – and called our parents and told them
the news. A year later, after she was done with graduate school,
we were married. And today, happily ever after, we live in Georgia,
her homestate, and not far from the ocean!


Proposal Story By:

Phil Roberts



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