3) Mike and Tina – Just a Little Kick in the Foot

Almost three years ago, I stood chatting with my friends in a club when this beautiful woman behind me kicked me in the foot. When I turned around she greeted me with a beautiful smile and we danced the night away. Time passed and we became closer and closer until I finally knew I never wanted to be away from her ever again. So this is our engagement story…

It was the weekend of February 25, 2006, and we had been dating coming up on three years in April, when I decided to pop the question. I had bought a ring with a diamond that sat above a little blue sapphire. To me, that sapphire meant eternity because I think of the ocean and the sky above, both of which are never ending. So I knew I had to ask her at the beach. I went to the store and bought 14 twin bed sheets, 1 gallon of white paint and a paint brush. I called her sister and she was able to sew all of those sheets together. It measured almost 40 yards. Then my roommate and I went outside and painted on the sheets in 5 foot letters, :TINA, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" I did this because we had a reservation at a hotel right on Wrightsville Beach, NC and I made sure we got the 9th floor with a balcony and I needed letters big enough for her to see. The manager said he could help me set it up on the morning of the 26th while she was in the shower. Now everything was in place, I just needed a bright sun shiny day so all would be perfect. Well, here is how it went!

Saturday the 25th was just terrible weather, probably not a ray of sun anywhere. At this point I was shaking in my boots because the following morning I needed some great weather and it wasn’t looking good. Well, Sunday morning came and she jumped in the shower and I told her I would run down and get some breakfast and bring her something back. So I ran down to the front desk and the manager and I hustled out to the beach. When I got outside, the weather was perfect, except for one very dangerous thing, the wind. But boy did the sun shine and boy was the wind blowing. As we staked the huge banner down, when we got to the last 15 yards, the wind basically blew the rest of the banner out, kind of like a breath of approval from above. I also got another vacationers approval because she screamed ecstatically when it had rolled out. So that was nice too. Anyhow, I staked the rest down and ran back upstairs. At this point, I had told her the breakfast was over and we would have to go out to eat. She stood there getting ready and I went and checked my banner. My heart was pumping because the wind had blown up several of my stakes and I thought I didn’t have much time and she was taking her good ole time getting ready. At one point, a part of the banner flipped over and my heart sank, but then it blew right back. I had enough. I said, "Look what someone did on the beach?" Brushing her teeth, she came over and quickly glanced out the window and said, "That’s so sweet." Surprised, I asked her if she read the whole thing. So she walked out to the balcony and saw her name and she was in shock. Mumbled from toothpaste all in her mouth, she asked was it for her. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. To my amazement, her first response, with toothpaste practically pouring out her mouth was, "I have to spit." Then she hugged me and said yes over and over and kept looking back at the banner like it wasn’t real. I had to cut her a little slack on the first response, she WAS brushing her teeth. Today, she is my everything, my heart and soul forever. That was the greatest day of my life and who would have thought it came from a little kick in the foot.

PS If you want a photo, I could send one to you of the set up on the beach.



Proposal Story By:

Michael Duda

Durham, NC


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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