3) Michele's 30th

When I planned to propose to my girlfriend Michelle I wanted the event to be as spectacular and memorable as she is to me. Like most guys I was trying to plan the perfect romantic event while maintaining the element of surprise. Michele’s 30th Birthday was a few months away, and I am well aware of how a girl’s 30th Birthday can be quite the emotionally stressful event. I thought; this would be the perfect time to surprise her with a marriage proposal.

I started my plans by purchasing us each a ticket for a 7-day cruise to the Western Caribbean. I gave the tickets to Michelle during dinner one night with a card asking her to join me on a sun, sand, and crystal blue water Birthday cruise.

She was very excited about the plans, and to build her excitement even further I took her shopping the next day for shoes, makeup, perfume, bathing suites, casual clothes, and a nice dress.

I had already called her dad to ask his permission. Her family is very close and I knew it would mean a lot to her if they were there. I invited her family, my family, and several of our friends

The next step was the easiest part of my plan. I bought Michelle an engagement ring that I knew she would love. Once when we were walking through stores she saw a ring she loved and she said it was so beautiful that if she ever had it on her finger she would cry every time she looked at it. As she said it she made it obvious that she was just joking. I knew she was only joking because she never thought she would have it. I, however, knew the second the innocent joke left her lips that I would one day buy her that ring.

The day of the cruise our parents and friends bored the ship before us. Everyone went to our suite and decorated it. They left a bottle of champagne on ice with two very nice champagne flutes. When Michelle walked into the room and saw all the streamers and balloons she was sold that this was truly a cruise to celebrate her Birthday. We drank champagne on our private balcony as the ship sailed into the sunset.

After a couple of hours we both got dressed real nice and went to dinner. We sat about 12 rows away from the piano player. I was sure to keep Michelle’s attention so she did not look around. After the first song the piano player asked us to join him on the stage. He said that we had to join him before he could go on. As Michelle walked past her friends and family it slowly started to dawn on her who she was walking past. I lead Michelle to the stage, took the microphone, and quickly got down on one knee trying to take her by surprise. The second I looked up at Michelle her beautiful blue eyes sprung open the widest I had ever seen as she covered her mouth. I had not planned what to say, but as I opened my mouth the words freely flowed out.

I have never stopped loving you one bit since we met in college 6 years ago. We have separated to opposite ends of the country, but we ended up back together. I want to live the rest of my life knowing that I will never be without you. I want to kiss you and tell you I love you every day and night. I slid the ring box out of my pocket and held it in front of her. Michelle Renee Trinity, before our family and friends please say you will marry me.

She almost knocked me to the ground as she hugged me yelling "yes". All of our family and friends stood up and clapped as we hugged and kissed. Even the rest of the people in the room started to clap and cheer. It took all that noise for use to realize we were in front of a room full of people.

We joined our family and friends in the first row. After dinner the ships Activity Director set up a great reception for us, and everyone danced the night away.

Watching Michelle glow all night was the happiest day of my life, and words cannot explain how excited I was to know that night was only a taste of what’s to come.



Proposal Story By:

John Mallozzi

Gainesville, FL


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