3) Matt & Hillary's Romantic Proposal

My name is Hillary Henson and I would like
to take this opportunity to tell as many people as possible about
how my fiancé proposed to me. It was undoubtedly the single
most romantic and happiest day of my life thus far. I’m going to
do my best to describe in words how it all happened. However, I
realize that only Matt and I truly know the magnitude of how that
day felt, but I’ll give it my all!

First of all, let me start by giving a little
background on "us". Matt Fitzgerald and I met while I was in college
through Matt’s
room mate. We immediately hit it off. AS FRIENDS. The years went
by, I moved to a new city and so did he. However, we remained
close friends. Well, it took us three years to realize that we
were perfect
for each other and when we finally decided to be more than friends,
the sparks flew.

A year later, I arrived in Paris, France to
meet Matt for the vacation of our dreams. We’d been apart for nine
weeks and I
was absolutely
ecstatic to just see him, let alone the fact that I was in
Paris! So, we rented a car and drove to the country in the south
France to relax and stay at a castle in the Loire River Valley.
The drive
was filled with breath-taking sights of beautiful castles and
landscapes. When we arrived at the castle we were to stay in,
we got settled
in our room and then went back out in search for a market.
We found one and bought supplies to have a picnic the next day.
Since I
was jet lagged and sleepy we went to bed early.

The next day, we packed our picnic stuff and
headed out to the castle grounds in search for the perfect spot.
Well, we
one in no time. We picked a small clearing in the middle
of a field
of wild flowers and soft grass. We laid out a blanket that
I’d packed from home and sat down to begin our little lunch.
In front
of us there was a grove of trees and behind us there was
nothing but open field and a barely visible castle. It was truly
The sun was shining brightly and there wasn’t a cloud in
the sky. The only sounds were that of crickets, the breeze rustling
trees, and us! We ate fresh bread, cheese, ham slices, grapes,
and drank a bottle of wine.

After we ate, Matt said that his foot was falling
asleep and wanted to stand up. He stood up and then grabbed my
helped me
up. We just hugged and looked around at the breath-taking
scenery around us. I was completely oblivious to the fact
that my boyfriend
and love of my life, was getting ready to propose marriage
to me, so I was dumbfounded at what happened next. All
of the sudden,
the next thing I know Matt is down on one knee and fumbling
for something. I, of course, at that point knew what was
going on,
but I still muttered "What are you doing?!" in a sing-songy
voice. He replied, "This is the vacation of dreams and
I want to be
guy that makes all of your dreams come true from now and
until the day I die. Hillary, will you marry me?" He had
the biggest
smile on his face and was crying as he said it. I wanted
the moment to last forever and wanted to really pay attention
what I was
feeling, but I finally said, "Of course I’ll marry you!"
I then kissed him and dropped to my knees for a full embrace.
He then
slid the MOST beautiful engagement ring on my finger. In
bright sun, its brilliance was almost blinding it sparkled
so beautifully.

After that we just laid on the blanket and he
explained all that he went through to make the proposal happen.
more nights
in "fairy tale land" (the castle), we headed off to the
city life in Paris for six more romantic nights together.

Proposal Story By:

Hillary Henson

St. Louis, Missouri

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