3) It Was A Normal Day At Work

It was a normal day at work when my boss asked
if I could run a FedEx box downstairs for the delivery guy.

I took the box down, but there was no delivery
guy down there. So I ran out to see if I could find him outside,
only to find my
boyfriend, Ben, standing there. I was so surprised to see him there!
He mumbled that he was just in the area.

I told him I had to go back to work, but he
said he had arranged a day off for me with my boss, so I should
get my things and follow
him. Feeling confused, I got into his car where there were 22 dozen
tiny red satin roses on the seat. Then, he blindfolded me. When
we arrived at the destination, he led me through a dirt path and
I opened my eyes to a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
He climbed up the side of the rocky hill and handed me a bouquet
of 22 roses.
I still had the FedEx box with me so he told me to open it. Inside
was a tiny white box with a miniature diamond ring.
Still, I was not expecting nor suspecting anything so I asked what
it was – a toe ring? It was so tiny- (the center diamond was 0.05ct)!

He paused and said it was a promise ring. This
was comforting since just last week he told me he wasn’t thinking
about the future yet.
That’s why I didn’t even think he gave marriage a thought or even
knew how to propose when the time came. Anyway’s, I was happy with
my mini diamond promise ring and was ready to relax and enjoy the
Then, he pulled out another small box from his pocket and held
it behind his back as he grabbed my hand.

When I saw the box, it finally hit me that this was the real thing,
but I was shocked and in disbelief so I cried, "Don’t trick
me!" with teary eyes.

He got down on his knees and asked THE QUESTION.

that time, I was bawling. "No way! Shut up!" I yelled
and I hit him.

I just couldn’t believe it. I was crying so hard
it took me a while to answer, but I finally said yes! Then, he
had a few more surprises
for me in his backpack.

He handed me a book he had made titled, "1,022
Reasons Why I Want to Marry Connie."

He placed a paper tiara
on my head and a crown on his own and said he’d be my prince.

entire time, a camcorder was actually filming the whole episode
unfold. He made dinner reservations, so we rushed back
to his car
where he had a nice outfit I could change into for dinner!
We had a wonderful dinner in Wine Country.

During the car ride,
we listened to a CD mix he made of our special love songs. When
we arrived at my apartment, I was
with 22 DOZEN red roses flooding my apartment…

Our anniversary
day of when we first started dating was July 22 (7-22) and the
day he proposed was February 27 (2-27).
And the
beautiful diamond which he researched for months on his
own is 1.227 carats.

Proposal Story By:

Connie C. Kim

Richmond, CA

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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