3) Hurdles

My girlfriend and I have been dating for close to 6 years. Although she has expressed interest in getting married, I continually insisted that I wanted to finish grad school first. So she was completely surprised when I proposed to her last month in front of our friends and family. After weeks of looking, I finally found the perfect diamond in the perfect setting. But I still couldn’t come up with a way to propose, until I witnessed someone celebrating a birthday at a restaurant, and their dessert plate had happy birthday written on the edge in chocolate syrup. I borrowed the idea, but instead of chocolate syrup I went to a pottery shop where I painted the words will you marry me on a plate and had it glazed. I decided on a restaurant that had tables set outside in a beautiful botanical garden

I drove back and forth to the restaurant several times and coordinated the event with the manager. Since it was a brunch setting, all the desserts were set out on buffet tables. This would make it difficult for me to try to fill the plate without my girlfriend seeing it. So I instructed the head chef to prepare a special dessert for our table. I told the manager that on the day of the event, he was to come over to our table at some point through the meal and tell us that the chef was trying out a new dessert menu, and if we would care to be a taste panel. Naturally we would say yes, the desserts would come out, and the proposal would be flawless. That was the plan anyway’s.

On a Sunday afternoon our group meets at the restaurant. After a few minutes I fake a visit to the restroom, but instead I dash out to the car, retrieve the plate and hand it to the manager. No one notices, and I smile to myself, marveling at my plan. When I get back to the table, that’s when the ordeal begins.

I get back to the table to find everyone standing up getting ready to leave. Why? Because I neglected to check the price of brunch. $40 per person. I insist on us staying for lunch, while my girlfriend and her sister refuse to pay that amount for lunch. Well obviously this isn’t good, so I stand there for several minutes, sweating bullets, trying to convince everyone to stay while they look at me like I’m deranged. I finally blurt out that I paid for the meal in advance and we have to eat here. First of all I cant believe 8 different people believed that, but I say a silent thank you and all is well again. Hurdle #1 passed.

After the meal I signal the manager that were ready for dessert. Unknown to me, the manager is called away to another table at this exact moment. Minutes later, the OTHER manager comes out with all of the desserts, including my specially made plate. Apparently he doesn’t know the plan, because he addresses us and says ok, whoso the married couple? At this point I could feel the steam rising from my head and I felt a couple of vessels pop in my eye. I jumped up, grabbed the plate out of his hand, and set it in front of my girlfriend amidst stares from everyone at the table. Hurdle #2

So were all enjoying dessert, but it is so good that my girlfriend wants to share hers with everyone at the table. I watch in agony as the plate is passed all the way around the table with everyone taking a big chunk out of the dessert. Somehow the words remain hidden when the plate makes it back. Hurdle #3.

At this point I have to wait the longest 5 minutes of my life for her to eat the dessert. Finally she sees the words, staring in disbelief for a good 10 seconds. She turns to me as I get down on one knee, and fumble through my proposal. Everything after that is a blur but there was lots of crying and clapping, followed by phone calls and pictures. Even though this was the most nerve-racking day of my life, everything couldn’t have turned out better, and I am now very happily engaged.


Proposal Story By:

Ken Siu

Pompano Beach, FL


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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