3) Gry Means "Dawn" in Norwegian

With the assistance of 3 friends and 3 hand-held camcorders, I filmed the video (and the making of the video) that would ultimately be my marriage proposal The funny and romantic tear jerker told the story of Todd the bachelor before he met Tiffany. Todd is shown waking up in the morning, eating a bowl of Cheerios, napping on his couch, arranging weekend plans and playing basketball with the guys. Enter Tiffany. After his first date with Tiffany, Todd is giddy as he tells his friend about their first date. As the video continues, Todd brings you to the bar where they first met and the actual table they ate at during their first date (thanks to the fine folks and Little Ollies- Denver, CO). From there, a slide show ensues showing photos of their past 13 months together to the song True Companion. The slideshow ends (go ahead, grab a tissue if you need one), and Todd is shown inside Tiffany’s house saying, "I really think this is going to work out well," as the camera pans over to Tiffany’s dog and cat. The video then concludes with Todd knocking on the door of Tiffany’s house, wearing black slacks and a white button-down shirt.

But how do I get Tiffany to watch the video? We had plans to go out to dinner on 6/24/05 and then go camping the following day. But we didn’t have a tent and with that the plan was hatched. Carol, a friend of ours, agreed to lend us her tent. After I had high-level talks with Carol, she agreed to deliver the tent and video to Tiffanys house at about 6:35pm. I was to arrive at 7pm. I anxiously sat in my car a few blocks from Tiffany’s house as the plan unfolded. Carol arrives at Tiffany’s house. Carol urges Tiffany to watch a funny video she found while looking for her tent. Carol then makes a phone call to her fiance (actually me). She pretends her fianc wasn’t there and puts the phone in her pocket. As I sat in my car, I was able to listen to my wife struggle to get the VCR to work. Finally, the VCR works and I hear her watch my video. I timed the video, so I was able to sneak up to the side of Tiffany’s house as the video reached its finale. Remember, I’m still listening to the entire thing on my cell phone. As planned, Carol excuses herself with about 1 minute left on the video. Wearing black slacks and white button-down shirt, I make my way to the front door. While standing there, I can actually hear the sound of me knocking on her door from the video!!!!!! That’s the cue for the real Todd to knock on the door.

She opens the door. She is crying. I hold her hands, go down to one knee and say, "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

She said yes.


Proposal Story By:

Todd Sorice

Denver, CO


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