3) Grant And The Interview

This proposal did not happen to me but it is so special that I had to share it. This is the proposal of a young man who worked for my mum, Grant.

Grant had organised without his girlfriend knowing to take a weekend away from Saturday to Monday up in the mountains which is no easy task being on a students budget. Grant was going to say they were just going for the day and then surprise her up there by proposing and then telling her they were going to have a weekend away. So that she would have clothes for the weekend he bought exact copies of her favourite clothes so she wouldnt get suspicious when they went missing and exact copies of all her make-up.

Just two days before their weekend away Grants girlfriend got a job interview for the Monday morning. Grant came into work that day extremely distraught because he would have to cancel the weekend or ruin the surprise. My mum suggested that he try to rearrange the job interview behind without his girlfriend knowing. Grant called the agency that arranged the interview to get the contacts of the company that the job was with. He called the company and was able to change the day of the interview to Tuesday. At this stage just about everyone was in on the secret except his girlfriend, even her prospective employer.

Grant did take his girlfriend to the mountain retreat with a new set of her clothes and a new set of her makeup hidden in the boot of the car. When he proposed, she said yes, and who wouldnt to a man who had done so much, and then she was let in on the secret that he had even had to change her job interview so they could have the weekend away.

They are getting married next weekend, and for all those who were wondering, she got the job too.


Proposal Story By:

Lucy Precival

Brisbane-Queensland, AL, Australia


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