3) Girl's Weekend

Doug and I had been together for just over 19 months and living together for close to the same amount of time. We always dreamed and talked about getting married and having a family, but no additional details were discussed.

During the summer of 2007, I planned on having a "Girl’s Weekend" at my house and had most of my girlfriends fly in from out of town. I kicked Doug out of the house for that time, so he went over to stay at his friends house. I didn’t expect to see him until late on Sunday night.

On Saturday morning, all the girls were getting a late start to the day as we were also waiting on a couple local girlfriends to show up. After everyone arrived, the doorbell rang. Thinking how odd it was considering everyone was at the house already, I went to the door to find a box with 9 red, helium balloons attached. The box read, "Krista, Don’t you want to know?"

I was a little confused on what it could be, however I opened the box and lying on top of hundreds of rose petal was an envelope for my girlfriend Nicole. Thinking now that this was even more odd, I past the envelope to her and noticed that underneath was an envelope for me. Before I could open my envelope, Nicole had opened hers and rifled through the box and grabbed a camera that was inside. I opened my letter and it read, "Krista, inside each one of these balloons is a note that lists a reason on why I love you. Pop each one to find out what they are. Love you always, Doug."

I then noticed that each balloon was numbered. I went through and popped each balloon and read aloud each reason. When I got to the ninth balloon, the note read, "To hear the 10th reason, walk out the front door and follow the red balloons." My girlfriends followed me as I began to walk through the front yard into my neighbor’s backyard. The balloons led me through their yard and down stairs to a dock on a pond. When I reached the top of the stairs, I looked onto the dock and saw my friends and neighbors standing all around and Doug standing in the middle wearing a full suit and holding a red rose (even our song was playing in the background). I immediately began crying. Doug greeted me on the stairs and danced the remainder of our song in the middle of the dock. After dancing, he handed me the rose and the 10th reason on why he loves me. I read it to myself, because I couldn’t talk through all my tears.

Next, Doug pulled the ring out from his pocket and got down on one knee and asked me in Estonian (the language that my family speaks) if I would marry him. I had later learned that he asked how to propose in Estonian from my mom. The best part of all of it was that my closest friends were with me and it was all on camera for us to enjoy for a lifetime.

Proposal Story By:

Krista Raud

Woodstock, GA



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