3) Food is Overrated, Anyway

My girlfriend Staci and I knew we were right for
each other from the start. Within one month of dating we had professed
our love for each other, and after 8 months we started talking about
marriage and looking at places to have our wedding. I took her to
a lot of jewelry stores to see what made her eyes light up, figured
out which ring I was going to get her and had her finger sized.
I had saved up enough money to buy the setting for the ring – a
beautiful platinum band with a round diamond on either side of the
center and baguettes on the outside of those, and was shopping around
for the perfect diamond to put in the center.

One Sunday night soon after this we got into a huge fight (my fault
of course), and it got pretty heated. We were lying in bed and not
really talking to each other (actually she wasn’t talking to me
– I was trying to apologize), and she turned to me in the heat of
anger and said, "I don"t even think I want to get engaged
to you!? Realizing what she had just said and how sad the thought
of not being with each other made us feel, tears started streaming
down both of our faces. After a few minutes of crying I looked at
her, and with tears in my eyes said, "I know you just said
that you didn’t want to get engaged to me, but I have to ask you
anyway. I love you with all of my heart and I want to spend my life
with you. Will you marry me?" To my surprise and sheer joy
she said yes, and our tears of sorrow turned to tears of joy. We
cried for a few more minutes while hugging and kissing each other,
and then proceeded to call everyone we knew to tell them the wonderful

My original plan was not to propose for another 4 months or so (remember,
I was saving up money for that center diamond), and I had wanted
to do it at a nice restaurant with a beautiful ring, and I was determined
to not let my plans go to waste.I made reservations at one of the
most romantic restaurants in Manhattan for that Friday night, the
next time I would see her, and told her to wear something nice because
we would be going out to celebrate our engagement. I spoke to the
owner of the restaurant and after telling him that I planned to
propose to my girlfriend, he reserved the table near the fireplace
and told me he would take care of anything I needed, as he knew
this would be a special night for us. During the week I went to
several jewelers to find just the right diamond for the center of
the beautiful setting I had bought, and finally found the right
one. It took just about all my savings to buy it, not to mention
most of the paycheck I got that Friday, but it was worth it. The
ring looked fabulous!

My girlfriend arrived at my apartment on Friday night looking absolutely
as beautiful as ever, and we headed downtown towards the restaurant.
I couldn?t resist walking her into a bar next door to the restaurant
and telling her this was the place, and she didn?t even bat an eyelash,
thinking we were going there for nostalgic reasons (we had played
pool there a few times early in our dating), but I told her I was
only joking, and walked her next door to the restaurant. It is a
big beautiful restaurant with chandeliers and a grand piano with
a piano player, and her eyes lit up as soon as we entered. We were
led to our table and ordered some wine and our appetizers, and I
guess I looked a little nervous because Staci kept asking me what
was wrong and telling me I looked a bit distracted. I told her I
had a big secret but I couldn?t tell her what it was until later
in the night. She pouted and tried to get me to tell her, and I
jokingly told her that if she was nice I might tell her by the end
of dinner. I excused myself and went to the front of the restaurant
to talk to the owner, who was expecting me, and arranged for the
piano player to play our song about 5 minutes after we ordered dessert.
I returned to the table to find the waiter had brought our wine
and appetizers as well as some appetizers on the house. I made a
toast to our love and our future together and we proceeded to have
dinner while talking excitedly about our wedding plans and what
our future might hold. She continued to ask me what the secret was,
but I held my ground and kept telling her she would know soon enough.
We ordered dessert, and I asked her if she wanted to dance. There
is no dance floor in the restaurant so she looked somewhat confused,
but being the good sport that she is agreed to dance with me and
we walked over to be closer to the piano. As if on cue as soon as
we started dancing the piano player began playing our song and Staci
and I smiled at each other as we slow danced to it in the middle
of the restaurant. After a few minutes of dancing and singing the
words in her ear I asked her if she wanted to know what the secret
was. She looked at me with excitement in her eyes and said that
she did. I got down on one knee, held her left hand in my right
hand and the opened ring box with the diamond ring in my left hand,
and said, "Staci, I love you with all of my heart. Will you
marry me?" She pulled me up off my knee, hugged me, started
crying, and said, "Yes, of course I will marry you. I love
you." We continued to dance as my shirt soaked up her tears,
stopping to hug and kiss each other throughout the next song. The
piano player gave me a nod and the bartender offered to bring us
drinks to celebrate while we danced, but we were too excited to
even have a drink. We just kept dancing for the next ten minutes
or so and then returned to our table, where our dessert was waiting
for us, as well as two glasses of champaign, compliments of the
owner. We made another toast to our love and to many years of happiness
together and drank our champaign, but were too excited to eat our
dessert and decided to go out and walk around and enjoy the beautiful
night. Before we left though, I couldn?t resist announcing aloud
to the restaurant as we stood up, "Everyone, this is my new
fiancée, Staci." We got a huge round of applause and
one woman even said, "That’s so romantic -I think I am going
to cry." We left the restaurant and walked around for a while
before going home, stopping to look at the ring together and th
of the promise it held for us to have a wonderful life together.
I certainly surprised her that night, and even though I spent almost
my entire paycheck and my savings on the ring, and barely had enough
money to buy food for the week, it was well worth it. When I tell
the story to my friends, many of them tell me that food is overrated
anyway, and I know that when it comes to my love for Staci, nothing
comes close to being as valuable. Staci, I will love you forever.

David Perlman

New York, NY


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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