3) Diving for Diamonds

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My fiance and I have been dating for almost five years. About 3 years ago we had taken classes to become certified scuba divers. We had both enjoyed the sport so much, that all of our vacations are now centered around dive trips.

This past summer was our yearly dive festival trip in Bonaire. I thought nothing of it except for a 10-day fun-filled trip of diving. We started our day of diving like any other but it didn’t quite end the same. You see, what he had in store for me was nothing I had expected! We were on the dive boat and ready to explore "Leanora’s reef" hoping to find some seahorses. As we were exploring the reef, he had motioned to me to see what he had found lying on the reef. When I looked over, he held an oyster in his hand which I had motioned to him to put back. You see, we were in a protected marine park which you are not allowed to take anything from the ocean. He shook his head no and proceeded to place it in his pocket. When we surfaced and got back on the boat, he took the oyster out of his pocket and showed everyone on the boat his discovery. All of the divers on the boat knew his plan, which I am about to reveal, except for me, of course. They all repremanded him about taking what he had found, jokingly of course, but played along with the plan very well. So, as I told him to throw the oyster back in the ocean, he proceeded to open it to "see if there was a pearl inside". With his dive knife, he pryed the oyster open, looked inside and said "there’s no pearl in here, this oyster is dead". When I looked inside the oyster myself, I saw something shiny inside and with that he revealed the "ring" which was wrapped in gauze and plastic wrap (for protection) and asked me to marry him!!! Our friends had champagne waiting for the occasion on the boat and it was celebration time!!

I had not expected this engagement at all!! He actually bought the oyster from a seafood store in NJ, took it home, carefully opened it and ate it for "good luck". He then cleaned out the inside of the oyster, placed the ring in gauze and plastic wrap, put the ring in the oyster and siliconed the oyster shut. This was hidden from me during the journey to Bonaire.

It’s needless to say, this was the best vacation ever!!

Faith Wagenhoffer,
Toms River, NJ

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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