3) Box of "LOVE"

Months prior to the engagement day, Tony gave me a handmade locked music box. It was a beautiful, covered in stars all ranging in size with the word “LOVE” on the back. The front of the music box has a keyhole, which of course needs a specific key to open to the box. Unfortunately, Tony had kept the key. For months I stared at the outside of the box wondering what was inside. I placed it next to my bed so I could look at it every morning and every night.

Months and months later, on Christmas Day Tony finally gave me the key to the box. I grabbed the key, smiled and ran excitedly upstairs to my bedroom. Tony followed behind me, when I got upstairs the box was gone. I turned around and Tony smiled and said," ?You didn?t think I would give you both the key and the box did you?"? I wasn’?t that disappointed, I enjoy his sense of humor. At least now I had the key. We went back downstairs and placed the key in a specially designed Christmas ornament which Tony had also made.

Shortly after that Tony told me that he was going to go take a nap, and then added that he didn?t want to be bothered. I shortly found out he had left and was not taking a nap, I was very upset. I waited by the front window for him to come home.

I left the window for a moment, and at that time he came home. Without me knowing he spoke with my father and told him he needed help. Tony heard me coming and ran the second floor of the house, my father followed him. The house was hectic, I was trying to find Tony, he was trying to avoid me, and my father was stuck in the middle. My father, now in a frenzied mood himself, fell down the stairs, got up stating that he was fine he just ?needed to get out of the house.? He put on his shoes and left with Tony (without me knowing). Shortly after that they both came home. Tony told me to get in the car, not to be mad.

After slipping and sliding across snow covered roads we went down a road that we had often traveled. This road led to one extraordinary place?so I knew where we were headed. We were going to this area of woods that is often visited for its majestic view.

As we pulled to the destination, Tony grabbed a backpack… We put on headphones, playing some of our favorite songs. We walked down a snow covered wooded path. We turned the bend and all I could see was glowing pink snow covered trees. As we got closer there was an opening directly off the path to an open area covered with trees. The second we entered the area our favorite song came on.

We got to the middle of the covered area and stood upon a glowing pink snow covered heart made out of Christmas lights. Tony smiled and got down on one knee. I began to cry, Tony took from his backpack the locked music box. He then handed me a key to the music box. I finally had the key and the box! I put the key in the box, anxious to see what was inside. It had been a long year of examining the outside of the box, never knowing if I would ever be able to open it to see the inside.



Proposal Story By:

Ashley Shirley  

Holden, MA


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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