3) Blindfolded

Chad and I met when I was in my senior year of college at Texas State University. He had just broken up with his previous girlfriend about a month prior. He wasn’t looking for anything besides a friend. He came to Texas State to pursue his masters and didn’t know anyone. The night I met Chad, I instantly fell for him.

We ended up hanging out everyday after that. He kept telling me he didn’t want anything serious, and I told him, you keep saying that, but we are getting pretty serious whether you want it to happen or not. He decided I was right and stopped trying to deny the chemistry that was evolving. We had been together for 4 years before he asked me. We knew we wanted to marry each other about a month into our relationship, and we were very verbal about it.

Chad was broke, never had the money to propose. He didn’t want to propose and it not be what I wanted or what he wanted. He refused to give me less than I deserved. We moved to Houston, and he started MORE school. With more school came more waiting.

He started working at a vet clinic and found a boss that took him in like a son. She would always have him drive down to her house and do housework for her. She then had him basically tear apart her backyard, and rebuild the entire thing. She had a huge gazebo, deck, and about a billion flower beds. I was getting sort of annoyed that he was spending his time off over there working on her backyard. What I did not know was that she had asked him to do a $15,000 dollar job for her and he said he would do it(by himself!), if she helped him get me a ring instead of paying him.

The proposal-

My best friend and I had planned a vacation to Cancun with Chad and her husband. The second night we were there we decided to go on the Pirate Ship Dinner cruise. It was a very interactive show. The Captain was the emcee and all of the waiters were dressed as pirates. They heckle the crowd and have everyone get up and dance, do silly things.

It was very cheesy, but perfect for our fun group. We were really getting into the show, and having a great time. While I went to the bathroom, Chad set up the proposal with our pirate waiter and the captain. After dinner, they had the crowd participate in these ridiculous games. He said he needed three girls, and I was one of the "chosen ones". He told us that he was going to blindfold us, I turned around and told him that I did not like that. I was thinking I was going to have to eat something (that doesn’t go over very well for someone who an extremely picky eater).

So there is disco music playing as I get blindfolded by the midget pirate (yes, that is correct) and then the music changes to "My Heart Will Go On," which I began to start thinking what the heck was going on? The blindfold came off and there was Chad on his knee in front of over 100 people, with microphone in hand. He said "Sandi, I love you with all of my heart, and I would be honored if you would be my wife." He was also holding up the most beautiful Tacori ring I had ever seen. It was perfect.

I said "yes" of course, so the Captain pushes us together to start dancing, then he proceeds to have the entire ship chant, "kiss, kiss, kiss". We spent the rest of the evening dancing and being crazy on the boat with everyone telling us congratulations and giving Chad high fives. Some people prefer romantic dinners on the beach, or something along those lines. However, we are extremely goofy, so it was perfect for us. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! Not everyone can say that they were proposed to on a pirate ship…



Proposal Story by:

Sandi Dunn

Houston, TX


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