3) Birthday Vacation

My boyfriend Dan took me on vacation for my birthday. It was a surprise. He’d been conspiring with my work to get my vacation approved. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going or how to pack so the night before I watched him pack 3 swim suits and concluded some place warm.

We got to the airport early in the morning and I still had no idea where we were going. We waited in line at one of the counters for a while and the guy behind the counter told everyone else in line not to mention the destination because it was a surprise for my birthday. About 1.5 hours later he let me go to the gate and I found out we were going to Cancun. We boarded the plane and everyone was making a big fuss out of my surprise (saying what a wonderful guy he is). 🙂 He wouldn’t tell me where we were staying until we got there. We arrived at JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa and it was absolutely gorgeous! Brand new – only 3 years old. We got to our room and the entrance and the bathroom were all marble. Around the door frames, closet, and patio doors there was a gorgeous scalloped molding. The furniture followed the same theme. We walked onto the patio (marble as well) and had a stunning view of the pools and ocean – amazing shades of blue and turquoise. And let’s not forget that the spa is conveniently located just down the hall. We finished the day with eating and shopping and go to bed early enough to get caught up on sleep for the SCUBA trip he had scheduled the next day.

We woke up in the morning (my birthday) and walked across the street to the SCUBA shop for our Cozumel day trip. Again, I’m the center of attention the whole morning because Dan let them know it was my birthday. Our dives were absolutely incredible. The reef was stunning and the coral and fish very colorful. On the second dive, we got to the ocean floor and the divemaster motioned for everyone to gather around him in a semi-circle on their knees. As I sat on the ocean floor next to the most beautiful reef I’ve ever seen, anxiously waiting to explore it, I wonder what the holdup is. I looked over at Dan who was lifting up a fin so he’s on one knee. He pulled a box out of his vest and removed a gorgeous ring tied to a string from it and placed it on my finger. I couldn’t exactly say "Yes" so instead, we touched regulators. He had our dive video-taped instead of us renting a camera so everything was caught on video. I finished the dive in a day dream and once we surfaced, everyone congratulated us. Afterwards, we headed back to the island for lunch and shopping. Then the ferry took us back to Playa del Carmen and we got back on the bus to return to the hotel. The tour guide again announced it was a very special day because we are now engaged and they make us stand up and everyone congratulates us and all the women ask to see my ring. Then he announced it was my birthday and there was another round of cheers.

That night at dinner, we sat on the patio next to the water. At the end of dinner I left to wash my hands and upon returning, I was greeted with birthday cake, a Happy Birthday song from Dan and the waiters, and a flaming shot of…something. 🙂

The rest of the trip entailed more shopping and eating, swimming in the pool and playing in the ocean, and a lovely 80 minute facial. The whole weekend was like a fairytale and I felt like a princess!


Proposal Story By:

Justine Vild

Brentwood, TN


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