3) Big Plans for Saturday Night

I was excited to fly home to Illinois for my interview. I have always seen myself practicing as a physician assistant in a rural town, even though I attend a graduate program almost 2000 miles away in Miami, Florida. My best friend and senior year prom date, Luke, was really looking forward to seeing me. A three year long distance relationship had not been easy, but scuba diving trips and walks on the beach made each visit more exciting than the last. Besides, Luke was working hard on numerous architecture projects, and I had to study for the boards.

We had big plans for Saturday night. The air was crisp and cool, the first hint of fall. I climbed into the navy blue Dodge 3/4 ton truck. The old camoflauged hunting jacket and gray New Balance tennis shoes I donned rivaled my hot pink salsa pants hanging in the closet of my 16th floor apartment overlooking the marina. It was good to be home.

We followed the field roads to the back woodsy acres of an old farm. Hot dogs and smores had never tasted better, and of course, I thought this had been my idea. I marveled that the bright city lights I had grown so accostomed to could obliterate the beauty of such a starry night.

Luke had once told me of green algae that glowed in the dark. He had seen it on a canoe trip down the Meramec. "Tasha, you have to see this stuff glowing in the woods!" My background in Biology and a strange curiosity compelled me to oblige.

We set off in the dark, guided by his flashlight. Before long, he stooped down to tie his shoe. Suddenly, a pathway of Christmas lights illuminated the forest around us. Before us was an archway of lights interwoven with pink and red flowers. I gasped as he guided me to a small round table with two chairs. Sparkling grape juice, grapes, and cheese on a platter were in reach of my fingertips.

You can guess what happened next, and of course, I said, "YES!" Tears came to my eyes while we sat in silence absorbing the experience that will last forever. I am so happy that God brought such an amazing person into my life. We will be married February 5th, 2005.


Proposal Story By:

Tasha Hembrough

North Miami,


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