3) A Young Buck Finds His Doe

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It was December and I had finally picked out the ring and had it in my possession. The problem was how do I ask. I went and sought out advice from friends, family, websites like the knot, just about any source one could find. Unfortunately I could not come up with anything that felt right.

Finally an idea came to me that I knew was right from the moment I thought of it. Just a little background.. Kerry is slightly older than me, and she often refers to me as her "YOUNG BUCK", so I though hey I’ll roll with it.

On the day I was to ask her, I went and rented a full size reindeer costume. To Kerry reindeer, antelope, moose and elk are all "BUCKS" thus when ever she sees one of these creature she refers to me. I then proceeded to drive to her office. I called her from my office which was not to far from hers informing her that I would like to see her before I went to my work Christmas party. She said she would meet me at mine in a few minutes.

So there I was dressed head to toe in a reindeer costume 100% unidentifiable. I stood outside her building which happened to be a local subway entrance as well and proceeded to hand out candy canes to the many people walking buy. Without knowing Kerry was already at my work place. So one of my friends said he seen me waiting outside her building and offered to walk her over to meet me. So they came back over to her workplace.

There she finally saw this reindeer handing out candy canes. The reindeer(me) approached and gave his last candy cane to the friend who escorted her over. Kerry was very disappointed because she wanted one. So the reindeer decided to hand Kerry a bag. He then walked behind her, and Kerry reached in the bag and pulled out a small box. She opened it and was surprised. She looked around and there I was kneeling down behind her, with my reindeer mask removed and I grabbed her hand and asked her to be my wife. After a few seconds of shock she finally said yes!!!

Tim Smeal,
North Brunswick, NJ

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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