2) Wandering

I was in the third grade when I had a rather memorable dream that I had wandered into another country. There were ruins of ancient walls, and children were flying kites. A single kite broke loose from its string and wafted towards me, as all the children laughed. I joined the group of kite-flyers and we had a wonderful time, until I wanted to go home. I asked the other children to show me the way home, because I was lost, but nobody would help me, except one little boy.

He guided me on a long journey until we neared a place I recognized as a park near my house. There was a wooden bridge that cut through the middle of the park to cross a small river, and I expected the boy would come with me. But just as we reached the bridge, the boy said that he had to leave. As he stood on one side of the bridge, I begged him to come and cross with me, I had so much to show him; my house, my family, my cat – just on the other side. But the boy said that he could not come now. He promised someday he would.

When I awoke, I told my parents about the dream. It was so vivid. As I explained the dream to my parents, I drew a picture of the kites and the boy.


Years passed, and I met Jay on the internet. When he sent me his pictures, I recognized his face from my dream. I still had the drawing from before, and I knew it was him. But I decided not to tell him this, lest I sound too strange.

Jay and I began emailing each other several times a day, and after some time, we began talking on the phone all night. Although we had to go to work without sleeping, we felt wonderful!

I was scheduled for vacation and had tickets to fly to Cancun, Mexico with my Mom when Jay asked if I could re-route my plans and come meet him instead. While my Mom basked on Cancun’s beaches, I was visiting the cornfields of Indiana, but I had no regrets.

Jay met me in the airport with pink roses, took me to meet his friends, and showed me the "tourist spots." We talked for days at a time. When my vacation began nearing its end, he brought me to see his apartment. I could not imagine why he would want me to see his apartment (except perhaps to demonstrate that it was neat), but he was insistent.

Since he was a graduate student, he shared the apartment with two roommates, but both of them were absent. "I should wait for the guys", he muttered to himself. I did not know why we were waiting for his roommates, or what for, nor would he tell me. After we had waited for perhaps half an hour, Jay suggested we take a walk.

It was dusk, and the sky was purple. We walked to a bridge; the water below was inky and sparkled in the twilight. Jay began to glance nervously around. And then he started reciting my favorite Shakespearian sonnet (#65), "that in black ink my love might still shine bright." After he finished reciting the poem, he got down on one knee, took a silver band off of his own hand, and proposed to me. I said "yes."

The two of us crossed the bridge together and returned to his apartment. There, he gave me a bag full of presents to unwrap, placed a pearl necklace around my neck, and fed me sweets.

Just as my mouth was full of candy, his friend’s, roommates, and a friend’s girlfriend arrived. "We’re too late!" The girlfriend exclaimed, noticing the pearls around my neck. "Oh my gosh, we missed the proposal! He’s proposed already without us!"

It turned out that Jay had planned a public proposal with all his friends present, but had brushed it aside on the spur of a moment, to propose at the bridge.

The story might have ended there, but on our wedding night, Jay told me how nervous he had been. I didn’t want to tell you this until after the wedding, because you might think I’m weird. But when I was a kid, I dreamed about flying a kite with a little girl, and she looked just like you!!

Proposal Story By:

Elizabeth Bechtel

Eden Prairie, MN



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