2) There Was Just Something There

Lindsay and I had caught one another’s eye during freshman orientation at College. We both were dating other people but we knew there was just “something” there. God must have been waiting for His perfect timing because when she was single I was taken and vice versa. I even went to the extent of writing and playing her a song in her sorority lobby for her 21st birthday but her and I just seemed to be still on hold.

Well that “something” turned out to be too strong for either of us to hold back from because three and a half years later after dating the wrong people throughout college, we were both single and fell together like the last piece of a puzzle fits ideally into position. There was only a couple months left to our senior year of college but we felt like freshman all over again enjoying each other’s time and cherishing each second of it.

When her Europe trip with her friend didn’t work out she decided to surprise me by signing onto the may option trip that I still needed to go on to complete my last degree. I went to Spain to pick up my last six credits and she went to stay with me. I finally asked her to be my girlfriend the night before we left for Spain and so we spent the first month of our relationship on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, and it was there we fell in love.

A year later ,on our year anniversary, after becoming best friends, I planned to propose. After the dedication of our Church in the morning into a new facility I packed her a picnic lunch and took her to our spot where we had shared picnic lunches over the summer. It was a partly sunny afternoon and on the grass under the trees coated with purple flowers, I explained to her that I had asked her parents on Valentines Day while she was at work for her parent’s blessing and permission for her hand in marriage. I told her that I shared with them that she was my best friend and that I was simply crazy about her. Lindsay was shocked.

I asked her to stand up and I reached into my guitar case and pulled out the black box. I turned to her on my knee, opened the box, and said the four words I never thought I would be able to say to such an amazing woman. “Will You Marry Me?” I asked and with complete shock she said yes and fell to the ground and we cried in each other’s arms.

The best part of the day, however was when we got back to her house and my Parents were there. They had flown down from NH to surprise her and be part of the day. My mother embraced Lindsay when we came through the door and Lindsay couldn’t keep back the tears.

I explained to Lindsay that I wanted both our parents there for the day to show their support in our relationship. We celebrated out to dinner that night and I surprised her again by telling her that I had previously talked to her boss and that i arranged for her to have the day off tomorrow from work.

It was a uniting of two families that day and that “something” called Love proved again how wonderful, powerful and special it really is.


Proposal Story By:

Jeremy McKeen 

Northport, FL


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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