2) The Scavenger Hunt

Her birthay was on feb.3 which was a stressful
week for me so I told her I would make it up to her that weekend
which was feb.8. I told all of my friends to come into town to help
with the engagement. My birthday is on feb. 9 so he called all of
my friends trying to get a party together not knowing why they where
really coming to town. Anyways, I positioned each set of friends
at a different location to give her a clue and a gift. Two friends
were sent to pick her up and film the occasion. The following is
the lists of clues, gifts, and words of love: Scavenger Hunt

Today will test your mind, body and soul. Follow the directions
and you will be greatly rewarded. Clues will be given to you throughout
the night, so choose your course wisely. Each clue will bring you
one step closer to ecstasy. Enjoy.

Clue 1: Do you remember where Jeremy asked for your number? Request
the driver to take you there.

She was given a card at this location along with a slip of paper
reading the first reason I love you is your strength.

Clue 2: Where did Jeremy ask you out for the first time? Request
the driver to take you there.

She was given a dozen purple tulips (her favorite flower) and another
slip of paper reading the second reason I love you is your beauty.

Clue 3: Can you remember where your first meal was with Jeremy?
Request the driver to take you there. She was given a engraved picture
frame with our first picture and yes another slip of paper reading
the third reason I love you is your loyalty.

She was finally taken to where I was in a gazebo at a park. The
gazebo was lined with candles and rose petals. My friends brought
her to the gaxebo and then left to light fireworks and give us alone
time. I was dressed in a tuxedo and crying profusely as I proposed.
Obviously, she said yes and the best part is that it is all on film.

Jeremy Hood,

Nederland, TX


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