2) The Pier


Dave is a fireman and the events of 9/11 hit me hard, thinking about the wives who had lost their husbands. I was very scared about flying and anyone in my family flying, my Dad was planning to leave for Aruba on the 21st. I told Dave I thought he was crazy to fly right now. He did not understand why I was so upset, and he got upset with me. It was’nt until a week later I found out why he was so upset.

We had decided that we would get away the weekend of the 21st, since I had been so upset, we were going top drive to a B and B in New Hampshire. We left Friday at noon and headed north, but when we hit the Manchester Airport he turned in. I asked what he was doing and he said, we are going to change plans. I was very ueasy, but told him to take me to the bar before I got on any plane so i could ease my nerves.

He would not tell me where we were going until we got on the plane. Being a little calmer now with a couple of wines in me I got on the plane. We took off, he told me after, I did not catch this, that the flight attendent asked where we were going and if we were getting engaged, I guess he shot her a look, but I missed it!

So we land in Tampa and I am glad to be on the ground. He asks for directions to my Dad’s house, my childhood vacation home that I had told him about non stop and how it was the most beautiful and romantic spot in the world to me. So I gave him directions, but noticed that he was driving very fast. I tried to give him subtle hints, like, there is usually a cop up here, or this road gets really dark. But he was on a mission. when we finally got there, (20 minutes faster than usual!!!), just after midnight, he wanted to know where the pier that I talked about was. I told him to just go to the house and we could walk he said, no, just show me where the pier is!! I said it is around the corner from the house, but acting weird again he said just take me to the pier.

So to the pier we went. When we got there I got out and started to walk , he stopped and said he had to get something. We walked out and the water was so calm it was like glass and you could here the fish jumping, I was so happy to be there. When we got to the end of the pier, he had a bottle of champagne and two glasses, that he had brought with him. We sat down on the swing that was out there. There were some people fishing and when he opened the champagne some yelled, "what the heck was that?" He poured the champagne and sat down next to me on the swing. He told me that he never thought thtat he would ever find anyone to share his life with him and anyone that was good enough for his son, but he had. he then got down on his knee, and we both started to cry. He opened the ring and asked if I would marry him, I said "Of course I will".

We spent the next 3 hours just swinging and he told me he was trying to get here before midnight which explained the Nascar style driving!! Then we hopped in the car and drove the 150 feet to the house!!! He laughed and said, I guess we could have walked!!! We spent the next day walking the beach, and then the day fter that, we went to Disney, what a weekend!!!!

Cindy Cole,
Danvers, MA

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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