2) The Highlander

Prelude: Martin and I spent one year dating 800 miles apart. After endless tears on the phone and countless pennies in phone bills we were ready to do all it took to be together. Martin is from Scotland, and I from Michigan. We met on the phone (yes, crazy things like this happen) at work. We both worked for a big company he at headquarters in Montreal and I in Detroit. Well we both had a pretty good sense of humour and one day I said you are either my soulmate or my best friend. The joking was on me because, both were going to be exactly true.
So without knowing what he looked like we set up to meet in Toronto, a half way point. I nervously anticipated his arrival as one would imagine with a blind date that took you 4 1/2 hours to get to. Well to my amazement he was perfect. We slept a half hour that night because we just couldn’t stop talking. I loved him, and knew it.
So after a year of dating we moved to Houston, Texas. We arrived on January 23rd, 1999, exactly 1 year after we met in Toronto.
I who laid the rules before we even started dating. "Look, I am the marrying type, if this is a lifetime girlfriend you want forget me". Ooh some may say that was harsh, I just knew what I wanted and it was him. I wanted all of him, his heart, his mind, his soul that connected with my every breath.
The proposal: As I mentioned Martin is from Scotland. And one day whilst working late again, I received my usual phonecall "when are you coming home"? Well, this time he was pretty persistent on a time. I didn’t know a hour or so I would leave. He didn’t press, but said I can’t wait to see you. I pondered the thought once we hung up and said forget it, work can wait until tomorrow, I left. I rushed home eager to see him, and he wasn’t there. Strange, but I figured he wasn’t expecting me for a hour. So I went about my business. Then all of a sudden I hear this music, well not really music at all but bagpipes! All I could think was oh my goodness, he is going to get us thrown out of here. I started to hear it get louder and louder, for fear of getting evicted or stirring up our complex I started to walk down the stairs of our town home. To my surprise the bagpiper was strolling into our townhouse. And there was my highlander dressed in full kilt behind him. I stared in amazement as well as our mutt Rio (who usually barks at the slightest thing). I couldn’t believe it. So he proceeded to get on one knee, and I proceeded to cry. I didn’t really hear the proposal exactly but he said "Seavon, you know that I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, would you be my wife. Yes! I exclaimed. Then we popped open some bubbly, which we happily shared with our dog and went to my favorite restaurant.
The wedding was even better!

Seavon Chalmers,
Houston, TX

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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