2) The Graduate

Me and my fiancee has been together for 4 yrs
now, and some where around the second year of us dating, I not we
started to talk about getting married. He for some strange reason
would all of a sudden fall on deaf ears everytime I would start
talking about marriage so I finally gave up on talking about it.

I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to marry me, or why he
wouldn’t even consider it. All of my friends were either getting
engaged or married, now I was getting very upset and even considered
leaving him. My mind is saying we can buy a house together and do
all the things married people do so why not make it right and legal,
his response would always be "Why would we need a piece of
paper to prove our love for each other!!!)

2yrs has passed and I never mentioned it again until about 1 week
before my sons high school graduation

I brought the idea up (thanks to a wedding story on TLC). We got
into a big argument and he said he is not ready for marriage and
he don’t ever want to hear about it again unless he brings it up
or the very next time we argue about me trying to pressure him into
to marriage, he will NEVER ask me.

That was it for me I called my sister and told her I was leaving
him because there was no future for me and him together, she told
me don’t leave wait until after my sons graduation because he will
be very hurt. I agreed.

Graduation Night, my son was in the top 5% in his graduating class
and was to give a 3 minute speech, so he preceeded to thank his
step-dad for always being thier for him and invited his step-dad
to the stage, OOH low and behold in my head I was swaring but I
was very happy for my son, my son asked his step-dad to say a few
words, and I was like Oh Lord, and he said James I would like to
ask you one thing the last few years you’ve always asked me for
things,(audiance laughed of course), now let me ask you something
will you give me the blessing to ask your mom to become my WIFE!
I stood there shaking while my sister was hitting me in my back
saying LOOK! My son bent down and picked up 4dozen,(for each year
we have been together) yellow,white,pink,and red roses and was like
well mom, as Damon started to walk up to me I just stared at him,
while my sister was shaking me telling me to say YES!! Of COURSE
I said YES and the tears flooded my face and the entire graduating
class of

2003 gave me and Damon a standing ovation. My sons senior graduaion
and my proposal I was the happiest women on this planet, now here
come the new arguments, about how much money I am spending on my
special day!!!

I say he proposed because he knew I was leaving, he says he and
James, and my "SISTER" had it planned all along, which
is probably true but since I am now a future wife in the making
I have to win the arguments.

Shonda Id-deen,

Jonesboro, GA


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