2) The End of The Peer

My fiance is originally from the sunny, palm-tree filled state of California. One summer he was visiting family in New Jersey and we happened to meet through friends. After that, we were in a long distance relationship for three years. He decided enough was enough, he was moving to the East Coast to be with me. He has been here for 2 years and we frequently go visit his family in California. Our most recent trip there was in the beginning of January. Each time we visit, we take day trips and plan other activities with his family. His family decided to take a day trip to the Hearst Castle while we were there. Upon arrival at the castle, we discovered that the castle tours for the day had been sold out. My (then) boyfriend was so upset. He told me that he had really wanted to see the pool room at sunset because the light reflects off the water and illuminates the whole room. After begging and pleading with the staff, we still couldn’t get in! We wandered aimless outside of the castle and discovered a small beach with long peer. My fiance and his brother walked out to the edge of the peer to "inspect" if this was a perfect spot or not. He patiently waited for me at the edge of the peer while I kept stopping to take pictures of the water and the beach. When I finally reached the end of the peer, the sun was setting slowly. He began to get down on one knee and removed the ring from his pocket. He said "I love you, and I need to ask you the most important question of my life, Will you marry me?" I said yes and was soon joined by his parents and a brother and sister who were photographing the whole event!

Proposal Story By:

Rachael Tidy

Philadelphia, PA



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