2) The Crows Nest

My girlfriend Kristen was down for a couple
of days in Livermore, Ca where I lived, as she lived in Roseville,
Ca. She thought that she was going back home on Thursday, but I
had other plans. My family and her family convinced her that it
would be better if she stayed for another day so that she wouldn’t
be as tired when she drove back home. The next day, Friday May
21st, my parents suggested that the two of us should go do something
to spend some time together. Kristen thought that this was a good
idea and asked me what I thought we should do. With this the plan
was underway and after some thinking and talking between us we
decided to drive to Santa Cruz and go to dinner at Crows Nest.
Now Crows Nest was not just any restaurant to us. Kristen and I
have a "list" of things that we want to do together. On this list
are things such as go to Disneyland, go camping, and go to Crows
Nest (by ourselves). We had been there once with a number of other
people for our graduation party and had tried a couple of times
to go by ourselves, but never succeeded. So it was no surprise
to her that I wanted to go there.

She loved the idea, as it would take care of
one of the things on our "list," but because she was planning on
leaving the day before she hadn’t brought with
her any "dressy" clothes. So with no hesitation I told her I was taking her
to the mall to get her some. So we went to the mall, went back
to my house, got
ready, and we were off to Santa Cruz (which is about an hour from my house).
You see we had met in Santa Cruz, as that is where we both went to college,
so it is a very special city to us. That is all Kristen thought
we were doing for
the evening. Just going to Santa Cruz for the fun of it and going to dinner
at Crows Nest to take care of something we had wanted to do for
a long time. But
she was in for a big surprise.

You see there was something else special about
Crows Nest, it was where her parents went on their first date,
and now it was going to be something special
to us.
We got there went right in to eat and got our food right away. You see I
had spoken with the manager of the restaurant earlier that week
and on a night
that they don’t usually do reservations we had them, because the Manager
knew that
we had somewhere else to be shortly. At 6:30pm we needed to be somewhere,
so we had reservations at 5:30pm, but we got stuck in traffic on
the way! The
amazing thing was, this somewhat expensive restaurant was so great and although
we got
there at almost 6:00pm, they took us right in. Not only did they take us
right in, but our waitress ordered our food quickly and the chef
cooked it right
away, skipping others that had ordered before us (sorry other people who
were there
that night).

We had an amazing dinner, the food is so great
there, and when we finished Kristen thought that we were going
to just find
something to do in Santa
Cruz or go back
to my home, she didn?t suspect anything. But as I said earlier she was
in for a big surprise. When we walked out of the restaurant,
sitting right to
left of the door, was a huge carriage with Clydesdale horses. Kristen was
shocked and climbed into the carriage somewhat speechless. You see a carriage
one of the things I took her on for our 1 year anniversary while we were
dating. When she climbed into the carriage she got the first
of four gifts that I
had never given her before. My nickname for her is "Princess" and so on
the seat
of the carriage, on a small pillow that my grandmother and I made (the
pillow was a beautiful teal fabric that matches Kristen’s room),
was a princess
tiara. I had bought it about three weeks earlier at a Bridal Shop, as it
was one that
is used as a veil in a wedding. The carriage ride was about 45 minutes
long and took us through the Victorian houses of Santa Cruz
and then down the
West Cliff,
right along the beach. It stopped by the Lighthouse where it dropped us
off at a flight of stairs.

We walked down the stairs, which led to a beach
called "Its Beach," where my next couple of gifts to her would
be. The beach has three coves at it
and as
we walked around one of the coves she looked to the right and there she
saw a 4 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot tall wooden castle that I had made.
You see
another thing to go along with the princess theme is that I always would
say to her
someday I will build you a castle, in the past I was half joking, but
now I was completely serious. The castle had towers and multiple parts
to it,
and was
painted grey and lime green. Lime green is Kristen’s favorite color.

Next I gave her the third gift that I had never
given to her before, which was a dozen sterling roses, her favorite
flower, which is somewhat
to come by.
I wanted to give these to her for the first time on a very special
occasion, and that is exactly what I did.

I then told her that I wanted to give her these
three gifts that I had never given her before, the tiara, the castle,
and the flowers, but that
was one more I wanted to give to her. With that I got down on my knee,
on a beach
in Santa Cruz, and asked her to be my wife. She said, "YES!!!"

But the story doesn’t end there, one of my many
friends who helped me with all of this brought out a portable sound
system (he came behind
us while
we were
hugging so she wouldn’t know) and he played on it our song, "Only
Hope" by Switchfoot. I then asked her to dance (we go dancing a
great deal),
and we
danced for the
first time as an engaged couple on the beach in the city that we

After a little while of talking to each other
and my many friends that helped set this up; we went back to my
house. We spoke with
my parents
for a while,
took some pictures, and I then convinced Kristen that we should
try to get some sleep as it was getting late. Little did she know
the surprises
were not
over yet!

The next morning I woke her up at 4am and told her that I was taking
her somewhere
. As I said earlier Kristen and I have a "list" of
things we want
to do together,
and one of those things is go to Disneyland. And that is exactly
what we did. I told her that we were going to spend our first day
of being
in Disneyland
and that our plane left in two hours. We flew down there and in
LA, there was one more surprise. Kristen’s best friend, who she
get to
see very often
lives in Irvine, and when Kristen and I got off the plane, guess
who our ride to the park was? It was her best friend Hannah. The
day was
and that
night we flew to Sacramento where her parents picked us up from
the airport and we stayed at their house.

The two day proposal was amazing! Not because
of the money that I spent on things, but because every single thing
that happened
to us
even before
that night. The restaurant was on our list and was where her
parents went on their first date, the carriage ride we had done
on our
1 year anniversary,
the tiara and crown had connections to things I said, the city
was where we
the beach was where we had gone often, the flowers I had never
given to her before, the song was our song, and Disneyland was
a place
on our list.
all meant something
and it now means even more!

Proposal Story By:

Michael Wooten

Livermore, California

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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