2) Romantic Little Gestures

My sweet fiance is constantly surprising me with romantic little gestures, so I probably should’ve been more prepared for his elaborate proposal. Instead, I was shocked and amazed by all of the intricate planning that went into the story of our engagement. The story actually begins about a month before the proposal, when I was told by the director of my program at school that our class would be attending a conference in NYC on January 22, 2005. We were told to wear sneakers, as we would be helping to set up for the event.

As the date came closer, I worried about the snowy weather forecast, but my professor assured me the conference would go on as planned. Little did I know there was no conference. Elliot woke me on the morning of the "conference" and told me that I wasn’t going to the conference but I should be ready to go somewhere else in 15 minutes. I was obviously very confused and it took a while before I believed him. About an hour later, I learned that he had planned an "Amazing Race" around NYC for me and my best friend Kara, modeled after the television show.

Kara and I have applied to be on the show multiple times and never made the cut, so obviously we were thrilled to have the opportunity to pretend we were on the show. Like a huge scavenger hunt, we spent the day running around NYC (in the snow), completing tasks and searching for the 7 different clues he made up for us, including finding the first pizza place in Manhattan, the first bar, and going on a shopping spree in Macy’s Herald Square. Elliot thought of everything, including making me wear sneakers so I could run around easier. The "pit stop" for the race was the roof of his best friends building.

Apparently this place has got great views of the entire city, but at that point it was snowing so hard we could barely see 1 ft in front of us. That’s when Elliot got down on one knee and proposed to me 🙂 I had been so busy running from clue to clue all day, I had no idea that it was coming. We spent the night at a very nice hotel in Times Square, where there was champagne, flowers, and rose petals everywhere waiting in the room to greet us. Thanks to our friend Jimmy, who Elliot got to be our "cameraman" for the show, we have the entire day on video so I can relive it anytime. It was the perfect day, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I get to marry such a perfect and thoughtful man.


Proposal Story By:

Rachel Blumenthal  

Staten Island, NY


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