2) "Ring" in the New Year!

Kevin and I were shopping at the mall one day and we passed a jewelry store. (We’ve been dating for 4 years) I was casually inquiring if he thought we would ever get married. He was said not anytime soon. I thought it was pretty harsh answer and I had not questioned it again.

Christmas time came around and I was at his house opening gifts with the family and thought I had opened all my gifts, when he said I don’t think you opened all of your presents. I replied with "yes I did, I am very sure". He proceeded to say with a grin "look again", and then he said to check the tree to see if anything got stuck in there. I did, and then I saw this little black velvet box. My heart was pounding really hard and when I opened the box, it was a diamond pendant. I was a little disappointed.

Then New Year’s Eve came around I was sick with the flu and the doctor gave me some antibiotics. We usually sit with the family on New Year’s Eve to watch the big apple drop on TV. It was weird the family was not together and only his mom was home sleeping. I was sitting on the couch falling asleep. He said don’t fall asleep I want to bring the New Year in with you. I did my best to stay awake. He ran to get the champagne and the crystal. I explained I was on medication to just pour a little.
I saw it was 10 seconds to midnight. 10………9………8…….. 7……6…….. 5……4…. 3…2..1 "Happy New Year!", he ran up to me at the stroke of midnight and said. Shanti will you marry me and handed me a glass of champagne. My first words were, huh? Then he said it again and I looked down in the glass and there was my ring. My family already knew. He asked my family for permission to marry me a whole month before. They had already started to call me and ask, Happy New Year. How was it? He did a great job stalling me for a month.

Shanti Ramsumair,
Oakland Park, FL

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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