2) Pop The Question

December 19th 2005 my girlfriend Lisa decided that it was a good time to open our presents. She really wanted me to open my presents and of course I could not let her open her’s, because her present was special and I had planned to give it to her at a certain time. With much negotiating, I told her that I would open my present but she could not open her’s until Christmas and she was very disappointed. Little did she know that I had already went to Spruce Grove to ask her parents for her hand in marriage and had a ring as well as a plan to give it her. I opened my presents and played my new guitar until Dec 22nd when I let Lisa go to sleep for the night because she had to work in the morning. I did not get any sleep that night because at 3:35am I went into our bedroom, plugged in a Christmas light and woke Lisa up with a present. Sleepy eyed and not quite awake (I have pictures to prove it) she opened her present to find 2 tickets for a balloon ride. I had to explain to her that they were tickets for a balloon ride and that it left at 8:15. She asked "8:15 tonight?" with excitement. I said no sweetheart 8:15 this morning we are going to be in the air! She had not even been in an airplane before that day. I then proceeded to beg her to call in sick because she would not regret it. With some reluctance she did so, and the excitement set in. I explained that this was the only time slot I could book and little did she know that the average times a person has to rebook a flight is 8 times because the weather had to be perfect. I only had one chance to make this the perfect day and believe me, this made me very nervous!

The pilot was to call me at 8:00 am and we had about 1 hour to make it to one of the launch sites. I did this on purpose so that she would have no time to think about what might happen up there or get too scared to go up. I was very nervous until finally the pilot called and said we were going to "try" and fly this morning. I was nervous because I did not really have a good plan B. We made it too the launch site extremely excited and waited to help get the balloon ready. Once the balloon was ready we hopped in and were soon in the sky. The trip was to last about an hour and I did not know when would be a good time to "pop the question", so I waited until the balloon ride was about three quarters over and turned to Lisa and asked her to marry me. Her eyes grew wide as she saw the ring in front of her and see said "Yes! A huge weight lifted off my shoulders and the rest of the ride was a blur until we landed and had some champagne, which is traditional after a successful balloon flight. While on the ground the other couple that was in the balloon said this was their 5th try at getting into the air and a couple they tried with once was on their 12th try. I felt extremely lucky that we went up on our first try!

I then told her she could not use my cell phone because I needed to call someone with the good news. I knew she was going to call her mother so I went into the bathroom and called her mom first to tell her the good news. I then gave Lisa the phone to call her Mother but her Mothers phone was turned off. I told Lisa that we had reservations at Moxie’s to celebrate and that we needed to hurry. We hurried over to the west end and went in to the restaurant. Disregarding the fact that I said we had reservations, Lisa asked the hostess for a table for 2. A gentleman came by immediately and asked us to follow him. We followed him to a booth and Lisa looked up and saw her Parents there giving her a congratulations. Shocked, she asked them why they were there and then if they knew. She did not know what to think but was extremely over whelmed and so was I because everything that day went better than planned and we even had a little luck on our side. The proposal plan was a little risky but it turned out amazing and Lisa was blown away.


Proposal Story By:

Derek Frith 

Edmonton, AB – Canada


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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