2) My Fiance' Brian

My fiance Brian and I have spent many months
apart due to his
military commitment in both Operation Enduring Freedom after
September 11th, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I waited and waited
for his homecoming on two separate 6 month deployments. Thousands
of e-mails, cards, and phone calls had seen us through and bonded

in an extraordinary way. But it has always been clear that the
influenced our relationship timeline and our history. After all,
we met
at military school (the US Naval Academy) eight years ago. Because
our early beginnings, I knew what I was getting into. Since then,
became a teacher and Brian continued flying the P-3 Orion. Even
through global crises, our relationship emerged into the most amazing
and rewarding experience I had ever had.

But the military also influenced his move to
Florida four months ago. I
was left behind as I finished the school year in Washington state.
course I yearned to join him and that was something we wanted
to happen in the near future. We had talked about getting married,
Brian had said that while he loved me to the moon and back, he
very busy with his military work and that I shouldn’t expect
proposal or anything. I accepted that, and was grateful to have
wonderful relationship. Once again, his military lifestyle was
dictating events in our relationship.

After 4 years of dating, I knew our relationship
was solid and we’d
stay committed, but did not expect my proposal to unfold the
way it

did. I had thought my military, schedule-driven boyfriend was
predictable. Boy, was I wrong!

My friends announced that they were holding a
BBQ at beautiful Deception Pass State Park, at the tip of Whidbey
Island, Washington. "Oh, I wish Brian could be there",
I thought. It was always our
favorite place. I even told Brian what I was doing, and he said
wished he could join me, but he had to work. When I arrived at
Deception Pass, there was no BBQ, no friends. BRIAN was there!!!
hadn’t seen him in months! My heart jumped into my chest. He had
secretly arranged to lure me there. Our friends and my mother were
both in on it. In fact, they were watching it all unfold from the
above and radioed down to Brian on walkie-talkie’s that I was on
way and they had seen my car go by. Everyone had known of his plan
for weeks and no one told me!

The night before, Brian had flown on a red-eye
to Seattle, rented a
car,picked up my ring, and driven around all day getting ready.
had set up a picnic table on the beach and gotten champagne, dinner,
and the biggest bouquet of flowers I had ever seen. Frank Sinatra
crooning from a stereo. Needless to say, I was shocked. I was
completely surprised. It was nothing less than magical. The sun
setting. We strolled on the beach looking for rocks, a favorite
time. We had always gathered rocks from our travels and would write
the date and the place on the rock. We have a wonderful little
pile that represents our adventures. As I walked hand in hand with
him, I told Brian we needed to find just the right rock to
commemorate the biggest surprise I’d ever had. Suddenly he stopped
and bent over as he said, "this one’s perfect". When
I looked down,
he was down on one knee, holding out a beautiful solitaire. I gasped
and he said "and this one will last forever." The sun
slipped into the
ocean just as he said "Will you marry me?"

Proposal Story By:

Tempe Stahl

Anacortes, WA

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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