2) Lucky to Say Yes

There was a small town boy from upstate New York who seemed to always be looking for his lost soul mate. Sean spent eighteen years keeping the sweat off his forehead on hot summer days, the blood flowing through his fingertips in freezing cold blizzards, and the dirt out of his finger nails day to day as he worked very hard to earn as much money possible coming from a large family of six. Sean grew up from a working middle class family full of love and great moral values, but he was different from most other children because school, friends, girls, and the good times on the wavelengths of his peers were never that important to him for a lone reason that one day all his dreams would come true.

A resume that amassed seven years of construction trades at the age of nineteen left Sean with a clear and evident reason to go to college to study construction management. Seven hours away from home gave him freedom and hope to start over with his best insights to find the perfect girlfriend to study, share laughs with, and just make his time there the best time of his life as he truly wanted to forget all the bad memories his one ex-girlfriend from high school left him with. This was just another dream of his he had found to be one of those along with many others that had to be bargained off for the deepest meaning of his life, which was still yet to be discovered since he would be suspended three weeks before the second semester would be finished.

New ideas cored with brilliance centered from the mirror that seemingly changed reflection everyday Sean peered into it as he began to see a cerebral unique figure like one of those in a magazine. His Carribean Sea blue eyes and blond hair on top of his slim chiseled body made him curious why girls came hard for him. That summer following his college experience he began to write; everything from poetry to music, and even a book. Sean found that he had a greater calling as he started to write letters to anyone who should be interested in "him." California was on his mind every second as it seemed to be his last hope for any chance at success, but as the days passed being so motivated and focused to make his success real, he grew lonelier and lonelier choosing to leave his past behind him the way he had.

Sean got a phone call that summer from one of his greatest friends from high school. They were always together in school and even were friends outside of school as they would hang out on occasion by going to the movies to see the hottest flic, go ice skating on holiday breaks, and even partied together their senior year. The beautiful slim jazz dancer with darkened blond hair was Sean’s best friend ever since he laid eyes upon her in seventh grade, though he never learned her name was Brandi until the eighth grade. They both shared the same values with the same mind set of dreams, but never spoke of it as they once quoted "Don’t we have the greatest unspoken similarities of anyone?!" They began hanging out and Brandi soon became aware of Sean’s inner ambitions and saw how his personal image immensely changed since high school. It was not long at all they had fallen in love with one another as they had always known they were soul mates.

Not long in to their new and exciting relationship Sean had received his long awaited phone call that would change his life forever from the place he dreamt of everyday. A call from Hollywood wanted a closing deal on his inner theories and stories that he had previously written by letter he had all the potential to make multi-million dollar movies, in which he did.

Months went by as the inseparable pair communicated greatly over phone, and after his release to go on break he went back to surprise his awaited prize girlfriend. She was so astonished by his achievements that when he got down on one knee where he had taken her to the local beach on the seventh great lake to ask her to marry him after she graduated college, she turned beat red shedding a tear and said "How could I ever be so lucky to say yes?"


Proposal Story By:

Nathan Wilkins

Brasher Falls, NY


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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