2) Love Comes in Three Shades…

Craig and I met almost three years ago, when we were both in college. When he graduated, he took a job in Boston, which forced us into a 2,000 mile separation. After two years of long distance, and an innumerable amount of flights, one November day made all the difference.
On a Friday, when I knew that Craig was coming into Dallas, I decided to take the day off from teaching. This was not unusual, because we often took time off when the other came into town. On this particular Friday, Craig arrived at my house early that morning bearing a yellow rose. Attached to the rose was a poem by Emerson entitled friendship. Because I am an English teacher who loves Emerson, I thought this gesture was particularly sweet. Thinking nothing more of the rose than pleasant thoughtfulness, I put it into water.

That afternoon we spent the perfect day off by running errands, enjoying lunch at our favorite restaurant, and going to a movie. About this time, Craig began to fumble with something in his trunk. I had been patiently waiting in the car when he joined me with yet another rose! This rose, however, was white. It too had a card attached, but with the Bible verse Corinthians 13:4-11. I read the verses, which address the utmost standard in loving someone, and I began to get teary-eyed! He then proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and for all the reasons why.
As we drove back to my house, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him! I kept thinking, “I have the sweetest man alive.” Craig was becoming particularly nervous on that drive home, but I wasn’t exactly sure what the cause was— at this point. Once we departed the car, Craig asked me to close my eyes before entering my house. I opened them as I stepped into my living room. Lights dimmed, music playing, and candles lit, he had recreated the coffee shop we had first met in three years ago. While we were out, he had my roommate set up his recreation He had even brewed coffee, and made menus! He asked me to wait patiently while he retrieved something from another room. It was a third rose; this one red. Attached to this rose were the lyrics to the Beatle’s song I Will, which tells of a man’s undying love for a woman. He told me that the first yellow rose represents our friendship, the second white rose represents the purity of our love, and the third represents the romance he will always have for me. I couldn’t have been more in awe with his theme.

I was so occupied with reading the lyrics on the rose and crying, that I hadn’t even noticed that he had retrieved his guitar as well. It was then that he began to serenade me with the song! I could hardly wait for the song to end just to kiss him! When he finished and set down his guitar, got on his knee, and he asked me the sweetest, most nervous question: “Christina, will you marry me?” Yes! Will I spend the next sixty years of my life waking up to someone who loves me so completely? Yes! This was truly the happiest day of the beginning of my new life!

P.S. Craig I wish you all the happiness a lifetime with your best friend can bring!

Christina Perry,
Dallas, TX

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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