2) In the Navy

Imagine this!!!! My husband and I, boyfriend at
the time, were having trouble getting our lives started and were
trying to come up with a way to give our futures a boost. After
many months of looking we decided to join the Navy, him as a medic
and myself as a translator in cryptology. We thought this plan was
brilliant. We would go into boot camp together and majically be
stationed at the same port, not knowing that for married couples
this is very difficult to achieve. While in boot camp we discovered
that it was going to be near impossible to see each other ever again
except on leave or when our duty contracts had been completed. This
was a very difficult thing to swallow while being yelled at and
doing push-ups. However, there was light at the end of the tunnel!
Every Sunday the recruits would leave their Division Commanders
to go to Church. We would meet every week and sit next to each other
slipping in quick slight smiles and an occasional brush of the hand.
My heart would flutter every time I saw him bald, tired but standing
tall. Then it came after weeks of training hard graduation was finally
here. Everyone I saw wore a smile and had happy tears through the
cerimony and all I thought about was I’m never ever going to see
him again. Then at the end of the ceremony I spotted him with his
and my parents, they were grinning brightly. As I approached he
got down on one knee in the middle of the room and held out a ring
he had picked out with help from my mother and catalogues via snail
mail and he said "If you marry me I will follow you anywhere"
I was more proud in that moment than any I can remember. We got
married shortly after graduation and were stationed together in
Monterey, CA.

Morgan Gramling,

Seneca, SC


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