2) I Don't Think We are Supposed to be in Here

A month before our two year anniversary Bob and I decided to celebrate our big day by going on a dinner cruise to see the beautiful Chicago skyline. We had planned to set sail on July 3rd which is the date of the grand Chicago fireworks display. As the date grew closer I became very excited and was even more excited to hear that my best friend Kristine had just gotten engaged on the same dinner cruise we were going on. (I am sure that Bob felt the same excitement after someone just snuck in and did this 2 weeks before he was able to!) ; )

July 3rd approached and continuing with Bob’s bad luck it was poring down rain. After we had settled in and had a wonderful appetizer and expensive champagne I excused myself to the ladies room. Bob then spoke to the waiter and explained his idea for a wonderful proposal and how we were no longer able to go up on the top deck due to the rain. The waiter told him he had an idea and he would come to accompany us after the main course.

I later returned and we enjoyed our meal. The waiter stopped back over and asked if we would like to see the ship’s bridge which is where the captain sits. We agreed, and the waiter walked us to where the captain was sitting – I was thinking "wow this is good service!" As we walked up the stairs to the bridge a family of about 6 charged in front of us. The bridge of the ship was crowded with people but Bob and I were able to look out upon the beautiful skyline. We were standing there for a while when I turned and noticed that no one else was there but us. Suddenly the door swung open and a man in uniform started walking in. Someone outside the bridge grabbed the door shut and said, "you cannot go in there." The man in uniform yelled, "but I work here!!!" As the door slammed shut I told Bob, "I don’t think we are supposed to be in here." Bob told me it was ok and to look out at the skyline because the boat was turning. I suddenly felt Bob’s body shake and when I turned and looked he was down on one knee. He told me how much he loved me and popped the question. I was completely in shock and of course accepted.

As we left the bridge Bob gave our waiter the thumbs up and chocolate covered strawberries were sent to our table. The singer of the band that was playing that night came over to congratulate us and asked Bob if he wanted to request a song. Bob requested "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. We danced and I had a tear in my eye of happiness.

After all of the excitement everyone went upstairs to view the fireworks. Bob’s luck had changed and the rain had disappeared. The fireworks were amazing and we now have a picture of us with a heart shaped firework above our heads! It was meant to be!



Proposal Story By:

Laurie Walscheid

Arlington Heights, IL


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