2) Heart in San Francisco

Paul and I had decided to take a vacation to San
Francisco since neither one of us had been there or to the West
Coast for that matter. We planned everything together – when to
leave, where to stay, what to pack, etc, but then there was some
planning going behind the scenes that I had nothing to do with –
Paul asking for my hand in marriage.

There was a knock at our hotel door. I figured
it had to be Paul because he probably forgot to bring a key. There
on the floor was a wrapped gift with a note that read, "Open
me now, Press the red button and wait. I love you, Paul." I
opened it and it was a cell phone with my name already programmed
in. Then it rang! Not knowing all the features, I accidentally turned
it off. Then our room phone rang and it was Paul.

I said "What are you doing and where are
you?"He said "Listen to me – I need for you to go out
and buy a small, black, inexpensive purse." My response was,
"Are you coming with me?" Paul said, "Take down this
number, but only call if it is an emergency, and do not come back
until 3:00." (It was 1:30.) I strolled down to Union Square
thinking he was following me and making sure that I was buying a
purse and not clothes. I never saw him. I bought the perfect purse,
but did not listen to the part about being inexpensive and of course,
bought earrings to match, but still not knowing what for.

I just walked around to kill time and wondered
when I was going to bump into him. Three o’clock came around and
I went back to our hotel and opened the door. The lights were dimmed
and there was music playing, but no Paul in sight. I checked the
closet and the bathroom and he was not in there either. On the bed
was a beautifully wrapped box and on the other end a tinier wrapped
box. The note on the big gift said, "Open me now. Do not worry
if it does not fit, you’ll be stunning anyway and meet me in the
lobby at 5pm sharp. Bring your new purse. I love you."

I opened the box and there was a white satin floor
length skirt and a beautiful sequined top, a pair of my shoes and
my jewelry. The first thing I thought was – my purse and earrings
match perfectly and they came from the same store he bought the
outfit. Then I thought – wait a minute – what’s going on and still
where is Paul? I now had 2 hours – engagement did not really come
to mind. My conclusion was dinner for our three year anniversary,
which was 3 days away and he wanted to surprise me!

I got ready and the dress fit perfectly, as if
I had picked it out myself. At 4:58 I got on the elevator and there
he was in the lobby at 5pm sharp in a brand new black suit – my
knight in shining armor! I got a little emotional because I wondered
where he had been and why he had gone through all this trouble.
I asked where we were heading and he said, "Don’t worry about

After a drink at a fancy bar, we walked to Pier
33 and boarded a cruise boat called the "California Hornblower."
We were escorted to the front of the boat and our table which was
set up very different from the rest. I was thinking to myself, "Nah,
he’s not ready!" Then Paul asked, "Want to go outside
on the balcony before we leave the dock?"

We went up to the top where we were the only people
and Paul said he had three questions for me. He asked me the first,
then in the middle of the second question, he started to reach for
his pocket and got on one knee and before he even got out, "I
would be honored if you would be my wife," I just started bawling.
Not saying yes, not looking at the ring, not putting my hand out
and he asked, "Is that a yes?"

I said, "Yes, I want to be Lesley Garafola!"
We both were so emotional and he just hugged my knees and told me
he loved me. We then sat down on a bench and I asked who else knows
about this and he reached inside his pocket and pulled a letter
that he had written to both of our parents asking for their permission.
I, of course, bawled again.

Paul had spent about 4 months planning and designing
my engagement ring. He is truly the man of my dreams and I cannot
wait to be his wife! I am in awe thinking of what he went through
for this proposal. I think of that proposal everyday and would live
it over and over and over again if I could.

Lesley Kuhn,

Charlotte, NC


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