2) Freshman Orientation

Randy and I met during his freshman orientation
at East Carolina University. Randy and his roommate ended up joining
the cheerleading squad and we became good friends. After a year
of knowing each other, we began dating.

We had been dating almost three years when we began seriously
talking about getting married, but Randy had me under the impression
that it would be awhile before he could afford a ring. Little did
I know, he had plans to surprise me the day before my birthday
with a proposal.

Throughout our relationship, staying in
shape and remaining athletic have been very important to both
of us. One way we like to stay in shape is to run together. One
Sunday, after church, Randy asked if I wanted to go for a run.
I was so hungry at the time that I really didn’t want to run
until after lunch. But, somehow, he convinced me that we needed
to go before lunch. The route that we ran that day was the same
one that we always ran with cheerleading, which goes around the
baseball and football stadiums of ECU. Randy’s roommate, TW,
also went along for the run. As soon as we began running, TW
took off ahead of us, which wasn’t out of the ordinary because
he is a fast runner. I lost sight of him about a 1/2 mile into
the run. When Randy and I got to the football stadium’s parking
lot, he turned in, which made me angry, because it cut our run
short. But, it was 95 degrees outside, and I decided it probably
wasn’t a bad idea to shorten our run.

Then, as we got to the actual
stadium entrance, he turned in, which really confused me. I knew
we weren’t allowed in the stadium without prior permission. Even
though I was angry and confused, I reluctantly followed. When we
got to the football field, he walked out into the end zone. Now,
by this point, I was very confused and really getting angry. I
yelled at him to get off the field. But, he didn’t move, he just
kept saying, "Trust me and come out here with me." So,
I thought, "If I do what he wants, maybe he will get off the
field." When I got into the endzone, he said, "Race me
to the fifty-yard line." I thought, "Whatever it takes
to get him off this field," and we took off. When we were
almost there, I noticed some stuff in the middle of the field and
slowed down. As I got closer, I realized it was two pictures of
Randy and I with a rose in the middle. My first thought was that
he was doing something special for my birthday, which was the next

But, then I saw the ring around the rose stem
and I immediately fell to my knees in disbelief and started crying.
Randy got down on his knee and said, "Brianne, you are my best friend, and
I love you more than anything. I want to spend the rest of my life
with you. Will you marry me?" Of course, I said, "YES," and
gave him a huge hug and kiss. Then he pulled the ring off the rose
stem and put it on my finger. I finally gained my composure and
we started walking off the field. As we headed toward the end zone,
I saw TW coming onto the field with a video camera. That is when
I realized that he had run ahead of us to get everything set up
and videotape all of it.

We ran that route so many times and cheered so many games together
on that field that it was the perfect place for Randy to propose.
We were so hot and sweaty because of the 95 degree heat, but it
couldn’t have been more creative or perfect. He definetely caught
me off guard and did it when I would least expect it. Now, every
football game we go to, we will always have the fifty-yard line
memory to look back on. We will be getting married next June in
Greenville, NC, the home of ECU.


Proposal Story By:

Brianne Clark



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