2) Finding Love in Life

Finding love in life is the most amazing thing
that could happen to anyone. I am so thankful that I was blessed
with finding Jason. See, he moved to my town the summer before
our senior year in high school. I immediately felt the butterflies
in my tummy the first time I laid my eyes on him. I have never
felt more comfortable in anyone else’s eyes than his. I guess you
could say I felt at home. Well, anyway, let me get to the proposal.

We dated for two years. It has been the best
part of my life. Our relationship has grown around our faith and
our church. We went
to separate colleges our second year of dating. And, to top that
off, he went into the military our spring semester. However,
being so far apart had no effect on our love for each other. We
grew closer and happier

When he came back from training in the Guard,
I got to see him one day before it was my turn to leave. I work
for a dance
company and I was off to work in another state for about a

I was gone for three weeks this time. And he
was leaving to work a church camp called Super Summer. Well, his
mother called
and asked me if, when I came home, I would like to drive
up to surprise
Jason at the last night of the church camp. So, naturally,
I was all up for it. I got home that Friday in June and made
I got
all dressed up for my sweetheart. His parents came and picked
me up and we drove to Arkadelphia, Arkansas to see Jason.

When we got there, all I could see was teenagers
everywhere. There were about 2000 people there that night to see
service. I found
Jason among the crowd and he seemed so surprised to see
me. He gave me a big hug and said he would have to catch me after
service because he had to go backstage for a drama he was

His mother asked me to take some pictures for
the church. So I made sure I was right by the stage when everything
The show started with these two guys performing a skit
about the PDA (public display of affection) stick. See,
at church
camp there
is no PDA unless you and your significant other have
this long stick in between you. So, they do this funny
about the
stick and at the end of it they announce that a complaint
had been filed.
They stated that some girl came to visit her boyfriend
and decided to give him a little smooch. They then proceeded
to announce
my name and ask me to come on stage. Now, in my mind
I was
ready hurt
my love because I thought this was an awful joke to play
on me. I get onstage and the men said they would be back.
So I
was left
up there alone, in the spotlight, in front of 2000 people.
Luckily I had friends in the audience that were yelling
for me.

Suddenly, I heard Jason’s voice. Everything
got really quiet really quick. He walked out onstage with a microphone
one hand and
a sterling rose (my favorite flower) in the other.
on cameras were going crazy at about this point. He
gives this speech
how he knew he loved me all along and that God was
guiding us together. He announced to all those people how much
he loved me and then
he got down on one knee, revealed a ring on top of
the rose, and then proposed. With my face a teary mess, I
gladly accepted.
got a standing ovation. To top it all off, my family
and friends were all there. I?m pretty sure I cried
for 10

I will never forget that proposal. Jason definitely
made it memorable. Now, random people will come up
to me and
congratulate me because
they were there or they heard about it. I would be
in a completely different state and people knew about
great! The
part is yet to come. We will be getting married May
22, 2004 and I can’t wait to spend my life with my
soul mate.
has truly
blessed me.

Story by:

Amanda Kelley – Pine Bluff, AR

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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