2) Cleaning Up

Lisa casually walked into the classroom three seconds before the bell rang and all the guys looked at her with piercing eyes. She was the perfect girl the kind of girl that everyone wants but nobody can have. I was among this audience sitting next to an empty desk looking pretty pathetic. She came and set in the chair to the left of me. I had never talked to her or even thought that I would, until one day she brought conversation upon me. She asked me how my day was going. I gave a typical response of "Good". She introduced herself and asked for my name. I discovered right then from the position of the sun in the sky creating a perfect reflection of shine in her eyes that this girl was the perfect human being. The way she talked with a sense of warmth made me feel comforted and secure. She reminded me of an angel.

Soon enough we started talking daily and after a couple months it evolved into a content friendship. Lisa asked for my hand in a class on a beautiful cloudless morning. I couldn’t get myself to come to the realization that she might actually like me more than a friend; such a thing was unheard of. But I declined. I knew it couldnt be real and I didn’t look forward to being embarrassed. It had to be a joke and even if it wasn’t, she was too good for me, and the guys around me made sure I knew that. I wouldn’t want to bring her down to my level especially when she could have any guy she wanted.

I was sitting at a cafeteria table on a Wednesday eating my lunch, and the guy across from me reached over and pushed my food over the table landing in my lap and creating a mess I didn’t want to deal with at the time. Angry, I got up and threw his hot lunch all over his shirt and then I left. I came back a couple minutes later and saw that Lisa was cleaning up the mess that I had partaken in creating. I was embarrassed of myself.

Pretty soon I started seeing her everywhere I went. Every time there was a spill she was the first on the scene to help clean up. When a fight arose you could count on her being the one to break through the crowd to stop the hostility. She was a total peacemaker and I started to resent her for it. I began talking to her and hanging out with her less and less because she was really starting to get annoying being the perfect angel that never did anything wrong. Maybe it was just be over reacting?

It just so happened that Lisa’s parents had chosen a house about a mile down the road from mine when they moved to this place. One day she sat alone on the bus next to the emergency window coming home from school. To my surprise I had no idea that such a beautiful girl would ever ride the bus. None the less I was there and I had found an empty seat next to a friend of mine and I sat there so that I could talk to him. Little did I know, the seat had previously been occupied a couple seconds before I had sat down. I had no idea that someone was setting there before me. Well this person came back to the seat a couple minutes later and didn’t know which seat was hers until she remembered. Unexpectedly, I felt a good sized hand whack me in the back of the head and then push me into the seat that just so happened to be occupied by Lisa. In this situation, I really felt like retaliating with words but I looked to God and asked Him to make me do the right thing. At the moment it felt appropriate to ask God for help. A couple minutes later I felt so content with knowing that I had made the right choice and it felt so much better than orally abusing her would have. Even though maybe it would have been fun to watch her reaction after.

Lisa just sat silently next to me staring out the window knowing what had happened but leaving it up to me to make the right decision. That was when I knew that she was an angel. I then asked her out on a date and she accepted. Little did I know that I and Lisa would have one of the best relationships ever? We were best friends; we never fought and never argued. Little did I know that in the near future I would ask Lisa for her hand in marriage.

Proposal Story By:

Roman Sandler

Commerce Towsnship, MI


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