2) Cinderella's Castle

My life changed on June 2, 2007.  On this day, my boyfriend six 6 years proposed to me in Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Though he had been planning the proposal for months, I thought we were just going on a weekend getaway, especially since he set up the vacation through one of those cheap, "tour this resort and have a free 3 night stay deal." We arrived in Orlando on Friday and immediately took our tour so we would have Saturday to go to the park. I really wanted to go to Islands of Adventure, but he insisted that he wanted to go to Disney World to, "See how things have changed since he was a child." That Saturday morning we woke up early because he insisted that we get to the park as soon as it opened.

When we arrived at the park, I went to the bathroom and he stayed at the ticket booth. When I got back to the "ticket booth and turned in my ticket, the ticket taker told me that my ticket won us free dinner at Cinderella’s Castle as part of their "Year of a Million Dreams" promotion. With the ticket," we also won free pictures around the park, taken by special Disney photographers. I was so excited and called everybody I knew to tell them I had actually won something. In addition, of the billions of times I went to Disney World, I never knew there was a restaurant in the castle.

Our reservations at Cinderella’s Royal Table were at 5:00 p.m. Upon arrival, we walked through the large wooden doors and were escorted up a spiral staircase to a small circular room with about 100 tables. Our table was made for two, at the front of the restaurant, by a window overlooking the park. Our meal consisted of three courses and a show. Because the meal was free, I ate every bit of it.

However, I noticed that my boyfriend could not finish his main course. He said he had a stomach ache. So, I the rest of it for him. I said, "This food is free AND it’s from Disney World. As much money as we spent in this park, we cannot let this go to waste." By the time I finished eating, the show was starting. During the show, the Disney characters, one of which was Cinderella’s fairy godmother, came out and awarded some of the guests at the restaurant with gifts such as a three night stay in the castle, free gifts out of the gift shop, and a free Disney Cruise as part of the same Million Dreams promotion.

After the show, our waiter came out, filled up our glasses with water, and informed us that our dessert would be out shortly. When he left, a photographer and a videographer came out and started taking pictures of the winners of the contest. As they approached our table, I tapped my fianc and told him to turn around and smile for the camera. At that point, the waiter came around the corner with a platter full of roses, plotted it on the table, and lifted up the top.

There, in the middle of the platter, was my ring sitting inside a small replica of Cinderella’s glasses slipper on top of a bed of roses. The side of the slipper read, "Perfect Fit." I started screaming and crying as the staff snapped photos and videoed the entire thing. At that point, my boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said, "Yes," and we received a standing ovation from the entire restaurant and even got a picture with Cinderella.

After the proposal, the waiter brought out my real dessert which was a white chocolate replica of the shoe on a piece of dark chocolate with strawberry around it. On the outside of the plate, written in chocolate, were the words, "Will You Marry Me." After we finished eating, we were able to stand outside the castle above the crowd and watch the fire works. It was truly a fairy tale; something I will never forget. And, the pictures of my face are hilarious!  


Proposal Story by:

Tanesha Goldwire

Norcross GA


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