2) Board Game Fans

Because my wife and I were fans of board games as we were dating, naturally my mind wandered toward the idea when I was trying to come up with marriage proposal. Several weeks prior I had given her an Official Scrabble Dictionary(O.S.D.) as a gift. About a week before the big night, I bought another O.S.D., changed one of the entires, and switched it with hers while she was out of the room.

Towards the end of our night I strongly suggested a game of SCRABBLE. After she somewhat reluctantly agreed I ducked into the restroom to finish setting up my scheme. While there, I made handy the engagement ring and 7 scrabble game tiles of which I had earlier gotten out of my game at home.

My plan was that if I played a 7 letter word she would challenge it, and therefore have to look it up in the dictionary, where her proposal for marriage would await. She would have two reasons to challenge my word:

So I gambled on the fact that my girl, who has a bachelors in ‘english’ and a masters in ‘library science’, would notice.

Another beautiful thing about the word (that my roomate had helped me deduce) is that it has two "S"’s in it. This fact would help make sure that if I didnt go first, then I would most likely me able to pluralize one of her words.

We began. I luckily got to go first. I played my word. After a couple seconds she noticed the errror and being the sweetheart that she is, gave me a chance to recant. I played dumb. She looked up the misspelling in order to show me that it wasn’t there, only to find "Lara, I Love You , Will You Marry Me, Aaron".

She said yes, and 5 months later we were married.

End of story!!!

Oh, what is the word? It’s a suprise!


Proposal Story By:

Aaron Phelps

Columbus, OH


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