2) A Gondola In Venice

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From the moment I first met Amy I knew there was something about her that would cause me to want to give her the world. Little did I realize that one day I would have the opportunity to make this dream come true. It all began six months into our relationship when Amy and I were having a romantic dinner in a small restaurant in the San Francisco area. We talked about many things that evening, but most intriguing to me was our conversation about our favorite places in the world. Amy went on to explain that in her travels she had fallen in love with Italy, but that she had never been to one of its most romantic cities, Venice. I made it a point to remember this fact and filed it away in my mind. I wondered if in the future, if I were ever considering proposing, if it would be possible to somehow get her to Venice and ask her there, all as a complete surprise.

Three months later Amy fueled my desire to surprise her by making a comment that if I were to ever attempt a surprise proposal, she believed she would figure it out long beforehand. Her challenge sparked nearly 4 months of planning on my part that eventually wound up in one of the most thrilling days of our lives, a proposal that she never suspected I could pull off in her wildest imagination.

My first challenge was to figure out a way to get her to Venice unrelated to me in any way. The only believable and legitimate way I could think of was through her job (she works for an international company). I contacted her boss and asked him about the possibility of collaborating to send her on a fake business trip to Italy. He was excited and together we thought through every detail. It was not long before he and I had concocted a fake business conference in a real hotel in Venice. Amy was informed that she would be needed at this conference and we soon had her boss, as well as her European marketing managers in London, sending her instructions regarding the conference.

My next challenge was to figure out how to propose on the day we both arrived in Venice (on different flights). My dream was to somehow get her into a romantic gondola (a long single-oared boat), and then pop out of nowhere into the gondola and propose! It was then that I randomly met someone that had spent the last 16 months living in Venice. She put me in touch with Italian friends of hers that lived in the heart of Venice and when I got in touch with them they were ecstatic! They agreed to play the part of business people managing the conference, and the girl’s uncle happened to be a gondolier!

On the day of our engagement I arrived in Venice four hours before Amy. I was met by my three new Italian friends who were professionally dressed, including laminated name badges with a logo from the conference and a laminated sign with Amy’s full name on it to meet her with at the airport. Two of them stayed to meet Amy at the airport while the third took me into Venice to meet her uncle, the gondolier. He showed me the perfect place to stand and wait for him to bring her by in a hidden alleyway leading to the canal under the Bridge of Sighs.

Meanwhile, Amy had landed, been met by her escorts, was taken into Venice, and transferred into the gondola that would take her to her hotel. As she approached me I could hear her talking to the gondolier about the conference and I was SO excited that she obviously had no idea what was about to happen. As I saw the tip of the boat pass by the alleyway my heart pounded. Then, as the passenger area came in front of me I took one giant step into the boat, ring in hand and champagne under my arm. I got down on one knee, took her hands and asked her to marry me. She began trembling, stared at the ring in disbelief, said "YES!" and began crying incessantly! We spent the next two days in bliss as we explored the canals of Venice reminiscing over the countless hours of planning it took to surprise the love of my life.

Matt Huey,
San Francisco, CA

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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