1) Winter Crusie of 2003

In the midst of the pacific on a cruise in
winter of 2003 was the last place that we thought we’d meet "the
one." But that was just what fate we had in store to change our
lives forever. We met, we danced, and we talked the nights away
sailing our lives towards each other. Seemingly to good to be true,
there was a catch to this fairy tale. Roxanne lived 470 miles away
in the small town of Grass Valley, but I was determined to somehow
make the impossible, a reality.

Starting with a few words in passing, we quickly
caught each other attention. Through the time we spent talking
on the cruise, I knew that somehow this girl
was the one I was to marry. Of course the distance did make me wonder how this
might work, but I quickly pushed the fears aside and began to think about how
I might propose to her someday. Since age 16 I had declared to everyone that
I would get married at age 26, well I was 25 and now it all made perfect sense.

So back to the big dilemma; How was I going
to win this girl I had just met on vacation let alone the fact
that she was a country girl living so far from
We said goodbye as we left the ship, but not before I had her meet my mom,
because I knew I would be seeing this girl again. It wasn’t but a day later
when she
called me to let me know she would be in town an extra week. Seeing my opportunity
I asked her if I could take her out that Thursday. January 16th, turned out
to be the best date of my life. Starting off with a few rounds of miniature
our competitive nature brought us to place bets. If I won, she had to move
down, if she won she had to move down and I had give her a job. Fair enough,
I won.
But still at this point it was dreams and hopes with no such possibilities
on the horizon. The night continued with bowling, ice cream, dinner, dancing,
of course a movie. To end our perfect date, our first kiss leaving me even
more determined to win Roxanne’s heart.

A year of struggling through a long distance
relationship strengthened our foundation and allowed us to focus
on the inside not the mere physical attraction.
all the visits and endless conversations we knew that although we were
falling deeply in love, but needed to experience our relationship
on a day to day
level in order move to the next step. In January she was going to be moving
to Southern California, and I couldn?t wait to be with her everyday. Being
from her was extremely tough but, it also allowed me to create an elaborate
proposal that would win her hand in marriage. I started with the idea to
put the ring
in a treasure chest. Since I couldn’t find one small enough with a lock
and key, I built it myself. I took the key and had it built into
a heart key
chain with
the inscription, "You hold the key to the treasures of my heart it’s as
simple as that". For her 20th birthday I gave her this key chain,
little did she
know it really was the key that would unlock the little treasure to wrap
her finger. After a month of researching and shopping for diamonds, I finally
the perfect ring that would fit snuggly in the treasure chest.

This was just the start of what I planned to
do. For many years before ever meeting Roxy, I dreamed up ways
that I might propose. So now that
it was
my one big chance,
I was going to go all out. Being that my profession is video production,
I decided I would make a country music video to propose to my country
girl. So
I went for
it and set out to produce a music video to our song, "It’s as Simple
as That"
by Lonestar. But if I was going to do all this, I wanted
to do it
right and
surprise her with it in a theater. After securing the theater, finding
the barn location
through a friend, and renting the production equipment. I gathered up
all my friends for crew and talent and created a country band where
I could
be the
lead singer. The shoot couldn’t have gone better; everyone did such a
great job to
make this crazy idea of mine work.

Once the music video was complete and the theater
reserved for the big day, all that was left was to ask her family
for her hand in marriage.
I was incredibly
nervous, but I wanted to do this right. I flew up to Grass Valley and
took her
Mother and Brother out to dinner and asked for their permission to
marry Roxanne. I told them all about my plans and showed them the
music video.
They loved
the video and gave me their blessing. I returned from that trip glowing
with excitement
and relief that everything was ready for me to propose.

Now all that was left to do was wait till she
could actually move down. This turned out to be the hardest part.
Her anticipated move was delayed
2 months,
but the day finally did come. Four days after she moved, I proposed.
The proposal went perfectly and was all that I prayed it would be.
To see how
she reacted
to what I did for her was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt.
The best part about true love is that with Roxanne my love gets stronger
everyday that I am with her.

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