1) Was I in Trouble?

On October 27, 2004? – a Wednesday afternoon at the middle school where I teach, I was pulled out of class by the principal. He is a very studious and businesslike man… He brought me to a room and started asking questions about a field trip we would be taking with my 8th graders in March. I thought it was a little strange being taken out of class to be asked questions about a field trip so far away, but he is my boss, so I went with it. Was I in trouble?  Did I miss a deadline? What would the assistant teacher do in the room while I was gone? About ten minutes later, he let me go back to my class. I was concerned because before I left, my students we having a ?bad day?? however, when I got back, they were all sitting at their desks with their hands crossed and the lights off. I was shocked at that?then my assistant began telling me about how the kids really loved me and that even thought their behavior didn?t always show it, they wanted to get me a gift.

They handed me a wrapped box, and when I began to open it, I noticed that it was a jewelry box that I had been wanting for months. That is when I realized that my boyfriend must be in on the whole thing?I opened the kid of the box and a ring was sitting inside. I turned around and Billy walked in the door. He got on one knee and proposed. He had something elaborate in mind, however, when we both started crying and 250 8th graders started cheering, he cut it short and sweet, but I could not wait to say ?yes?! Billy had been planning the proposal for weeks, and my students and other teachers had been in on the whole ordeal. I learned how much both my fianc?e and my kids cared about me on that day, and I could not ask for anything more special in my life! The kids I teach are my life and my first love…the fact that He allowed them to be an important part of my special day is the best gift I could ever receive. The principal took loads of pictures, so it will be a memory that we have for the rest of our lives!


Proposal Story By:

Sydney Evensen

Atlanta, GA


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